the dorm room project, test animations

(stephen2002) #1

I have finished rendering a test animation of the environment. The main purpose is to make sure that all of the textures work when animated. Go here for some stills as well as the animation:

(TurboG) #2

Realy Nice! Very Realistic.

(stephen2002) #3

I am glad you like it

Does anybody know how to reduce the shimmering with procedural textures?

(Friday13) #4

Very nice dorm! And you have some other great images on your site (Now i need to get that become_a_blenderhead_in_one_step manual :P)

(S68) #5


even the low res one (I’m on a slow connection today) is very nice


(stephen2002) #6

I am glad that you all like it. Somebody on CG Talk thought I was doing this with Maya due to the scanline effect. SEE, a free program CAN compete with a 3,000 program :smiley:

S68: I am glad that the low-res one worked for you. I try hard to get the best quality out of my compression systems.

(Andy Goralczyk) #7

really nice… but the textures need some more work [image maps maybe?] and the lighting could be improved…
keep it up :smiley:

(valarking) #8

I think that it’s good, but the materials could use some tweaking. That dorm room’s a helluva lot nicer than mine was.

(valarking) #9

Ok? :wink:

(stephen2002) #10

I don’t use the noise texture. I know that one is all flickery when animated.

I tend to use clouds and marble.

andy: I don’t like image textures. They would be especially bad for this project, because I am planning to get really close to most of the surfaces, at which point image textures degrade a whole lot unless they are insanely high resolution.

(VelikM) #11

I wasn’t able to play the animation, unknown compression???. Really nice still renders though! :smiley: But if you want to use noise in an animation, apply it to a plain, make an image/bump map, then apply the image/bump map where you want the displacement , thats the only way I’ve found to keep it from shimmering.

(stephen2002) #12

the animation is compressed with Microsoft’s version of the MPEG4 codec (as the little note at the bottom of the page said).

I don’t know if this works in anything other than Media Player. I have not done much research on it, but the compression is high-quality and fast.