The Dragon's games for Windows Pt. 2: Helicopter 2 and 3 quarters (please comment)

My pick up and play Helicopter game for Windows, all controls use the mouse, see if you can make it to the hanger in this 2.5D game with simplistic graphics.

WARNING: The hanger is really far away, and you have to survive quite a long time to get there.

Please download this, have fun, and comment. Also, don’t forget to try my other game Arkanoid Virtual Islands XXX, and comment in that thread:)

Um, does nobody care about my games? I know there’s Windows users here.

I love them, nice job on these man! How long did it take you?

This game didn’t take very long, my other one I posted took more then a month.

GameMaker allows for the rapid creation of 2D games.

I know its a fairly simplistic game, but you gotta give us a better visual representation to how close these walls are. Maybe a simple meter to show your hieght and a compass design type of meter show how far left/right you are. I got what I thought may be a good distance (after the initial learning curve…which took less than a min soo) and found it frustrating to be in what I had deemed “The Safe Zone” and see my chopper go down in flames. After about 3 of these occurances, I stopped playing.

It is fun though. After I got over my dismay at how sluggishly this chopper would “thrust” skyward. You said in the key settings it would “thrust”. lol. I got hooked on the fact that its fun, and its simple. But once your no longer stupified, it gets boring quick.

I have gotton pretty far on this. Your chopper can’t overlap any part of the walls when they’re close enough.

House: Try my other game too.

EDIT: Played it myself, my distance was almost 2000 and made it to the hollow square shaped walls :slight_smile:

Cool stuff!

Exactly my point. Close enough is damn hard to gauge currently. Especially when paying closer attention to other things. You get in a comfort zone, you think you’re still in it and BAMM.

I’ll try the other when I get more time kk.