The Dream Catcher (feedback?)

Hey everyone!

So I’ve had some terrifying dreams in my life, and they’ve always intrigued me. So recently I’ve decided to try create a character based around dream-related stuff, and I would appreciate some feedback on what I’ve gotten so far (Basically just the head).

I’m going for a mysterious, slightly creepy vibe. I’m trying to make the dream-catcher appear as it’s mouth, but I’m not fully sure that I’ve captured that aspect of it.
I’ve also made all the materials procedurally, and I’m not sure that they’re the best right now but I think I just need to tweak the settings a bit.

Any criticisms, or suggestions on where I should take her would help! :smiley:

The modeling looks good and the feeling comes across. The webbing in the mouth will need more definition, as it gets a little bit lost right now. Perhaps slightly thicker threads and perhaps a hint of a deep tunnel/corridor, instead of transparent to black like it is now.
On a different tack, challenging dreams are a good sign, regardless of how unsettling they seem. Get a copy of Jeremy Taylor’s book, “Dream Work, Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams.” It is certainly one of the more easily accessible books for lay people, very encouraging and empowering. A dream does not come just to ‘scare me’ but our waking ego/self, finds the prospect of change threatening. A scary dream is in part saying, “Pay attention, you haven’t listened to my quieter efforts to help steer you, so I had to up the ante and get your attention.” A dream comes “in the service of wholeness,” something is needed to be learned…
My very best wishes, and keep drawing, writing, and sculpting, as it is a great tool to move the agenda of Self forward.

That´s a cool character design idea. Will it also have a body, or is it just a head hanging from something like a dream catcher?
As for improvements, you should look into how all the elements would be connected in reality. For example, right now the “ear” elements are floating, but there might be a brass tube running behind them, connecting them with little screws. Or maybe they are mounted on sticks, that are radially fixed in the crystal element.
By the way you might want to participate in this weeks weekend challenge here on the forum, the theme is “nightmare”. - This would also force you to finish this project by Monday. :wink:

I think the diamonds need to look more reflective or you can look through them/prismatic. and the mask is a little shiny for me. the strings maybe could be worked on but not sure how. anyways good so far. and I like the idea also. sounds like it would be a scary dream.