The dream of a child. Part 1

Hello everyone,

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that was kind of special to me. A time ago, a friend of mine told me that she dreamed her future home when she was only a child. Surprisingly, she drew a few rooms of it, and I proposed her to make some renders.

This, as a first stage, is the bathroom (remember, she was very young when this drawing was made):

I modified it only a bit, and changed the background window by a ceiling one. This is what I got:

Blender Cycles, post in Krita

I know it could be more detailed and take more shots, but now I’m mainly focused on the second part, which is a loft with some peculiar elements.

Of course C&C are welcome, hope you like it!


Wow! Love it!

Oh, that’s really sweet. I am starting to recall my dreams when I was a little boy : ) Thanks for it.

I love the concept, and the sweet idea behind it. And I’d LOVE to have a bathroom like that!!!

Have a nice day! :wink:

Hey jdpy,
this is really a cool idea and i pretty much like the outcome so far!I am wondering how all the rest of this appartment will look like. Is it transparent as well ? Like you’'re living in the woods but still have some cover ? Really curious to see more of this!
Keep it coming!


Thank you all for your comments!!

Polygonjunkd, I’m glad you like it. The background forest is just a picture on the wall, maybe it can be quite confusing. If the wall was a glass, it should have reflections of the interior, I guess. In addition, lighting would be completely different.

Anyway, I like your idea, it can be an inspiration for future renders… Thanks! :wink: