The dream of a child. Part 2

Hi everyone,
After my holidays, I’m back with the second part of this personal project. For those who didn’t see my previous thread, it’s related to a dream that a friend of mine had when she was a child: her future(desired) home. After that, she drew some pictures about it, and a few years later, she sent them to me.

The main room of the flat was this. Notice that the framing is quite consistent, even though it was drawn by a child.

So, I didn’t have to change much, just to add my personal touch, and this is what I got. Hope you like it, C&C are welcome (and much appreciated).
Blender, Cycles, post in Krita.

Another view

that looks actually pretty awesome, and the story behind it makes it even cooler, I’d love to live there :slight_smile:

Very nice visualization of the dream’s room, wonderful scene.

I like it)) The only thing which I find somewhat off are doors. They look painted on the wall rather then being actual doors in the wall))

Thank you all for your comments :smiley:

You are right, maybe it is due to door’s frames, they are too flat and simple. I’ll improve them next time, thanks for your advice!