the dream of blenderhead

hires version, 1280x600


Wow. Great athmosphere you’ve got there. I love the colors and the lighting, Basse. (The only thing that bugs me is the straight lines on the cloth texture.) The combination of 3d and 2d is originaly done. And the design of the lines (representing the dream I presume) is very life like and intriguing. It reminds me of art-nouveau.
Great picture.

nice idea, but I’m not very found of how the light beam separates the image in 2 : the dark corner and the rest of the image. Maybe make that corner less dark?

I like the abstract drawing with the 3D part, but the drawing doesn’t really look as a part of the image. I wonder if you could add that paper texture that’s on your website to the background of this image, I think it would help to make it look as a whole image and not 2 image pasted together. (but I’m not sure, eh :wink: )

I love this. The volumetric lighting might be a bit strong, but it still works very well in my opinion, especially as a means to combine 2d and 3d elements. At once it might depict any of us dreaming of the next blend :slight_smile:


I’m not such a big fan, but your image has a strong nightmare before christmas feel going. very Tim Burton-ish.

I think this is one of the best artwork I´ve ever seen.
And the best I´ve seen from you.

I really really like the lighting, how did you do that?

Only critic is, that there should be more 2d lines in the right corner. :wink:

Wow, nice. One thing I might mention: his head is a mixer, not a blender.

Nice, nice, testing the tablet? :smiley:


I love the way you always try and push your medium basse. Experimenting with different ways of acheiving an emotional feeling in your work.

Very nicely done again basse.


I’ve only seen about 3 of your works, but it seems to me that you are a very strange, weird, bizarre, gifted, poetic blendererer. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Beautiful, just beautiful - I love this style, that’s a very artistic visualisation of a dream.

Hey, nobody mentioned the material of the blenderhead - it’s very good, nice plastic, is it just the lighting or did you use VCol Light?

:slight_smile: thanks for comments. I appreciate them. and I find it funny how people notice different things… and how some like the other, some the other.
this picture was just something that came to my head this morning, when I updated my avatar at cgtalk. and decided to do it. it’s done exactly as I saw it, a soft cartoony style, mixed slight realism, and with something completely out of that world…

igorsandman: straight lines in cloth are because I mapped the texture to “win”. reason for this is simply, because I didn’t feel like uvmapping it, and other mapping methods looked stupid. “win” doesn’t look correct, but I like it.

duskblue: the line between light and darkness, is the line between dream and awake world. it cuts the space.
the 2d elements are drawn on top of the image in gimp. they are different in style and execution. it’s part of the idea.

robertt: the halo spot is strong, I know. but hmm… I cannot explain it really… but when I turned the halo on for that, and saw the result. I wanted to leave it exactly like that. not even try other settings anymore. I felt like, if I would change it, I would be coward… I would make something for others, not myself. you know…

marty_d: hmm… where do you see burton influence?

berglte: it’s pretty simple 3 spot lighting, with one extra spot in front of the character, coming from below.
I first draw some more of those lines… and there were some flower like things too… but right before I saved the jpg… I removed them. I wanted it quite simple.

qwe: yes, I get that every now and then… I have another character with that kind of a blender as head. but it doesn’t look as good. and, I think I’ve seen these being called as blenders too… hand blenders… mixers, and choppers.
those blades he is wearing now, maybe are more mixer like, but they are exchangable, and he can wear more blender suitable blades too… (based on my brothers actual device)

yeonil: yes. fantastic thing that wacom. I used gimp’s ink pen for those.

hosj: heh, thanks I guess…

thoro: I would say it’s mostly the lighting… I didn’t use any special materials… not even raytracing… what is vcol?


basse wrote:
I cannot explain it really… but when I turned the halo on for that, and saw the result. I wanted to leave it exactly like that.

I know exactly what you mean basse, and I applaud your conviction :wink: I’ve looked at this several more times and each time smiled because this is such a symbol for us all :slight_smile:


You can use VCol Lighting on a material to use the vertex colours for lighting. This is currently used to simulate sub surface scattering/translucency. Good to see you obtaining such beautiful results without dirty tricks :D.

:o awesome work dude :smiley:

amazing work again basse…well done.
this one makes me think of Michael Leunig’s drawings.