The Duke Nukem

any news of the new god of gaming that is duke nukem?
all i no is that there working on it and that there are some new vids of it on
I can’t wait for it to come out and another game i am happy about is diablo 3 and Time Splitters 4.

it was discontinued because the company closed down

As I recall they are still open, but they had to let all of the Duke developers go and I believe there is a pending lawsuit between the publisher and 3D Realms

Really the best source of information isn’t BlenderArtists, but 3D Realms’ own forum:

I’d suggest looking there for information first

3D Realms pretty much shut down. They aren’t quite bust, but the whole development team were let go. Then they were sued by the publisher in what is assumed to be an attempt to grab the rights to the Duke Nukem Franchise (or maybe they were just as pissed as everyone else at having to wait this long!!!).

Basically, if you are an extreme optimist, then the game is coming out when the lawsuit is finished and they hire a new development team to update everything - maybe 2 years from now if you are really, really, really lucky.

If you are a realist or just have a regular outlook on life, then the game got effectively terminated when the dev team got let go. You’ll have to wait for someone else to make a next-gen Duke game when the lawsuit is finished and someone else buys the rights to make a new Duke game.

Wasnt this game in development since the early 2000’s?
Kinda frustrating that its taken so long, and in the end been canceled anyway. I dont see how a game that was in development for so long could turn out any better than a game with 2-3 years development, its just an example of bad time management.

I loved the original! gosh i feel old…

early 2000’s now you are been generious this game was in development in late 1990’s 1997, 1998, 1999 I can’t remember the year exactly. All I know is I was in highschool when the were talking about Duke Nukem Forever. It was in an article about than king of the hill graphics card ranges the voodoo from 3dfx.

This game, Prey and Daikatana have probabley had the worst game development history I have read about. At least Prey ( which was a good game) and Daikatana (which sucked a**) came out eventually. Team fortress 2 was another that had a troubled history but came good.

I have long written off Duke Nukem Forever while the last one released way back than kicked butt Duke Nukem Forever has been the worst kind of vapour ware known to man. Playstation 2 did n’t even exisit when the where talking about Duke Nukem Forver.

edit - just googled it, it has been in development since 1997, and boy do I suddenly feel old like papa smurf i remember the original 2d version as well, thankfully my memory is still good

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Its all about the GREED!

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What they didn’t tell you was that the “forever” in the title was how long they planned on making you wait before the game came out.

LOL thats the truth
Thnx for the info and that sucks if it was discontinued
If any one has any more info on the release of Timesplitters 4
I no free radical sold the title to another comany well thats what i herd from there site a while back
There are some vids of it also and it is starting to look pretty good

Ya the old Duke nukem is fun i have it from xbox live arcade

Which old duke nukem? I played back when there was 1 weapon, and his face was bright pink :slight_smile:

i think it is duke nukem 3d ???
or the one that came after that lol

This was a while back so I hope I don’t get it wrong, duke nukem 3d was the first one in 3d the previous releases where 2d platform games.

I could be wrong a by a game or two but I know for a fact the first few duke’s were platform games.

all i no that it is the one that xbox live has on there arcade lol

It took decades for Star Wars to resurface. Duke will be back because he’s a pile of money waiting to be funded.

that is very true

Looks like it might be

Duke Nukem Forever will be released sometime in 2011 by Take-Two interactive (or 2K), not sure which publishing company.

But, a word of caution, if it’s anything like the recent Mafia II release they will rip half of the content out of the game and package it as DLC.