the dumbest question

first i’d like to say, i am so pumped about learning blender, after the earth shattering headache that is alias. how refreshing. So. the question.

This is going to sound dumb, but here goes. I just completed the die tutorial (very good, I someday hope to be able to help new users like myself), and, from spending some time in blender i am noticing that whenever I create a new object I am unable to go back and edit the older object. what am i overlooking?

I tried to do a little reading on the matter, seems like it might be the way blender organizes data - in separate files like solidworks? or maybe not even that technical. thanks in advance for any pointers

Yes, you’re right, it’s the dumbest question!! :slight_smile:
Of course you can edit old objects!
You’ve made some wrong manipulation probably or explain better, maybe?!
There’s two “main” states in Blender: Object Mode and Edit mode and you can toggle
between them with TAB key
To edit a particular object you must select it before (pink color) and enter Edit mode…
if you can’t select it, you’re probably in Edit mode for another object

right, that’s just the thing. edit mode dissapears. it’s not even an option.

press tab key
dont forget its the right mouse button to select

You might be in UV/Face Select mode? You can use TAB to enter/exit a special edit mode that pertains only to UV/Face Selection, but you are still in UV/Face Select Mode…

This is the only thing I can do to replicate your problem. If this isn’t the answer, post a blend file and we’ll take a look at it.

Hope this helps.

thanks for all the help folks. my second question in the forum, far from my last.