The Durian Pre-Sale Campaign

I’m not here to “announce” it to anyone, it’s been out for long enough that I think most people who follow Blender’s progress have come across it already. I’m more looking to discuss it’s results so far.

First though, I’d like to congratulate the Blender Foundation for having reached 1000 sold (and payed) copies so far.

With that said, unless it has changed, the end date for the campaign is september 15th which is a little under two weeks from now. I was starting to wonder whether or not they would reach the 2000 copies sold mark (so far its at 1137 and counting) and if they didn’t what kind of impact it would have.


P.S: For those of you who may/may not be wondering, yes I have ordered my copy!

Sept. 15th is the cut-off date for having your name included in the credits… It is by no means the end of the pre-sales campaign!!
Sure, they probably won’t make it to 2000 but that was already states as being a very ambitious goal. I doubt that things would become unraveled if they only pre-sell 1200 by Sept 15th…
From the Durian blog:
If you purchase and pay the DVD by september 15th latest, you can get your name mentioned on the official movie credit scroll!
As you can notice on the campaign “money meter”, we target at a pre-sale of 2000 this time. Very ambitious, but the targets for this project are ambitious too.”

As UglyMike said, that not mean you can’t purchase dvd after 15 sept :yes:

When was for BBB I purchased the DVD after pre-sales campaign (sigh…)
Now I purchased DVD the day the pre-sales started and I’m very happy about it, but you can continue after 15 sept too if you want :wink:

Someone should put it on Slashdot (Along with some info about 2.5), then they would reach the goal.

…be the someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

My memory is failing me… was the pre-sale target of ED and BBB 1000 units? Then I think it is a good sign that the BF already have hit that number before the name-credit deadline! And before the project is even in production. After the shake-up that BBB was for the 3D industry, I would guess that the 2000 target will be met before Durian is complete. Then again, I think the pre-sale campaign thread on cgtalk died out pretty quickly? Some arrogant and/or defensive attitudes among our “colleagues” maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a very ambitious goal, but I think they can achieve it.
The team looks very talented and it will push Blender awareness even greater.
With the more updates made by the team, more people will gain interest to the project.

The only thing I wished is that they offered other payment options than paypal (I tried with wire transfer, but my bank refused, I don’t understand why)

It’s hard to get more options than the ones they have now imho. But yes, I sure hope they reach 2000 units sold that would be awesome :slight_smile: