The Dusk of Love

Just a late night quickie :wink:

Pretty. I like it better than the insiration.

And your… is the funniest sig I’ve ever read.

It’s kinda bare. I don’t really like it but the model looks good and stuff I guess. Since u were recreating a scene that I haven’t seen I don’t know what you’re going for

I don’t get your sig, I get the thing about those numbers they are like the internet numbers for colours but i forgot what they called but I dont get the last bit

Ok, you was right. My LCD has better picture then CRT, so I used GIMP to make it brighter. It’s uploaded od dA now.

You can see the scene which I remake at

And my sig is from
If you want, you can buy me one :smiley:

Sweet video! Are you one of its authors?

I like the simplicity and cleanness of your work. Very nice use of blender! (mmmm… late night quickies… yummy!)

No, I’m not author of the demo. But I like the demoscene and demos and all…
Btw, you can download the demo itself (only 64 kB of code!, runs fine even on Linux with wine) from