The Dustmaker

Next finished cover. This time polish Spitfire Mk IXc belonged to Polish Fighting Team in Tunisia in 1943. PFT was also called as “Skalski’s Circus”, from name of its commander Stanislaw Skalski. It was most effective flight of 145 Sqn in this period (from march to may 1943).

is the dust painted or some particle system? but as usual, a superb rendering!

Thanks:) Dust is painted in PS during postpro.

This is amazing, are you the guy who did the ‘don’t step on the grass!’ or something. it was an image of a biplane quite similar to this.,

Yes, it’s me :smiley:

Looks great. More shoots pls. 5 stars

Ill have you now thats mah plane :slight_smile: lol

Brilliant render mate 5* :smiley:

wow… fantastic shot!

very cool, more angles please and perhaps a wire…

Oh, great render!

Great render once again. Too much PP but great scene!!!