The Dynamic Topology Branch is here! Now in Trunk!

Just found this on graphicall:

Omg it’s finally here!!!

Update: as of revision 53442 Dynamic Topology is now in trunk!

i hope Nicholas can implement this UL as soon as possible
it would be major plus for Blender

cant wait to see this work in blender for scultpting!

happy blendering

This is a fantastic start.
Feels really natural to use.
I wonder if this will be able to get tiny local details though, as it seems the details can’t go very high atm.

Just to be clear. Dynamic Topology = Unlimited Clay?

I’ve make a build but it don’t seem to work.
I make a cube then, go in sculpt mode, sclupt , but work exactly like before???
I’ve forgetten something??

amazing o0
even without an implementation to delete vertices? you are able to do it
Apply subsurf
use the Draw brush on the Object
and see how the Vertices get deleted :spin:

or use pinch to reduce and also be able to have a undo function…


this doc is very old 2010!

there must be betternews then this i hope

hope Farsthary can help somhow !

it would be great for blender to see this UL implemented!


Waiting for a mac build.
I like to try this. Always a fun and a small collector of 3d sculpting apps.
Zbrush, sculptris, 3dcoat. Why not blender as well?

Shares no code from that project. Unlimited clay is dead. But this may get some ideas from it in the future.

Well, I tried it. Whatever I did, the fact that the edges get collapsed if they get too short prevented me from getting a clean edge or a nice crease. The only way seems to be to make the edge length very, very small, which means huge polycounts. Maybe Nicholas has some plan to solve this. It’d be nice if the edge length could be defined per vertex and painted on the model like a mask.

Other than that, it’s pretty spiffy.

Well I’m assuming that this is what is refered to as unlimited clay like in sculptris. This is very exciting indeed.

Seems very unstable (for me at least)

Go into sculpt mode > draw a stroke = crash!

It is nice to see that this is being worked on though, and by Nicholas Bishop of all people :slight_smile: This should be able to play real nice with the new mesh smoothing GSoC this year, can’t wait to see how things develop.

I wonder why he didn’t use any of the code from unlimited clay though?

I tried to clear up questions about unlimited clay here:

Let me know if this does not answer your question.

In other words no way dynamesh will make it into 2.64 ?

Correct. For now, applying the remesh modifier during sculpting is the closest thing.

@nicholasbishop: Slightly offtopic, but I tried assigning Remesh modifier to a lowpoly plane mesh in hopes making a uniform quad mesh out of it, but my plane mesh simply disappeared.
Another thing I found is that open lowpoly meshes do not preserve the boundaries with Remesh modifier (they shrink). Is there are way to add feature to preserve boundaries and UV map after remeshing as a feature?

Everything you need to know about it. Looks exciting.

The remesh algorithm is really designed for volumes rather than surfaces, hence the plane’s disappearance. I think the dual contouring code could be adapted to handle surfaces, but it’s not currently on my todo list. Same for UV maps; it might be possible to get that working somewhat (although I expect seams would be tricky), but not in my plans right now.

You might want to take a look a this baby.
It’s called RigMesh

Not sure what RigMesh has to do with either dynamic topology sculpting or the remesh modifier?