the early riser

Blender 2.71
cycles 500 samples
photoshop post pro

“Life is too short,” she panicked, “I want more.” He nodded slowly, “Wake up earlier.”
~Dr. SunWolf

critics constructive or otherwise are very much welcome…
they spice up life…

here’s another take on it with a less saturated and ‘dreamier’ look

Very nice, Navybrat! I like the fur and the expression on his face.

thanks dude! means a lot to me… cheers

i love it…very very very nice mouse!!!

why thank you Morteza!! appreciate it much!

Amzing! I can realy tell what is it feel just by lookin on its eyes. the fur is realy looking good. Love it!

gee, thanks shachar… means a lot to me. cheers

Really good all round blending! :smiley:

thanks bonrw1. cheers

Really nice work mate. I love the depth of field!

Really nice and well done!

Only thing, I would lower the saturation a bit.


Looks Great!!!

thanks SenorCro… much appreciated

thanks sourvinos, i made two options actually, the latter of which i just posted below the original. A dreamier and less saturated take. thanks again. cheers

thank you blue box

The second one is even better and suggestive, congratulations!


thanks Paolo!! cheers

Hey navybrat, I appreciate the creativity that went into this. As others mentioned the fur came out really nice,great looking whiskers and I like the way you had the fur poking thru the basket, that’s a nice little detail.

I’m assuming he’s a productive mouse, since he’s an early riser… unlike this guy. :slight_smile:

thanks harley, much is appreciated…

he may be a productive rodent, but we artists ‘blend’ him, early riser or not… cheers dude! :smiley:

thanks Harley