The Earth in the Yard

Well my last grass project needed a lot of work but here is the next one.
Tell me what you think-

The grass has improved:). Maybe you could try adding a bump map to the earth, give it a little more depth. That might be cool.

It looks reall good. Reall nice grass, but maybe a little to vibrant green, than again it could be my monitor!

i would like to add a bump map to the earth but i have not done it before and the results i have gotten trying to do it know aare not turning out very good. if anybody knows how to get a really good bump map on this earth, please help me!

I think you should change the settings of the specular shader of the material of the globe. Right now it looks a little bit odd to me.

Wow, thats very nice! Maybe you could add a sphere around it to give it an atmosphere, that would make it seem even more realistic.

as you can see in this photo of the earth, if you are far away from it you will not see the atmosphere.

in a little while i will post an update to my project. also, if anybody can tell me how to get realistic clouds please let me know!

yeah guy that looks cool, i would not change anything anymore…

your blue material is off, go here:

you can use the ‘spec map’ as a stencil to change your blue material.

there’s no way to get real good clouds as far as I know, try his map but it didn’t work real well for me.

also, you grass strands need to be wider

and use his spec map on your spec too, land doesn’t make spec dots…

oh, and use a really small cloud map mapped to nor over your oceans (and even land if you want) to make slight ripples (set to like .001)

edit: you should put in a blue back-light like in the renderings on that website…

looks good otherwise!
(oh, and you might want to make a blend texture on your grass strands dark-light-dark or something…


This image was rendered really quick because osa and ambient occlusion was turned off. so the quality is not very good.
as you can see i changed the earth map to one with bluer oceans. this earth map is not a very high quality though. it is only 1k in file size. i have found a better earth map that is 8k and better quality but i have having a little trouble downloading it so it might be a little while before i can get it.
also i added a cloud map to the earth. something still does not look quite right about it but i don’t know how to fix it at the moment.
also you may not notice because the ambient occlusion is off but i changed the grass material a little bit to give the blend texture a little more variety.

That’s pretty cool. I think it looks way better with the newer water/Earth texture and the clouds add a lot to the look of the Earth too.

Nice job.


Hey sorry it’s been a couple days. one last update and then i wont be on again until monday.-

Please tell me which on you like better- this one or the previous one.

Cool grass. I think you should lower specularity a bit on the Earth.

Please, change the lighting, it’s horrible for an outside setting.

There should only be one light, and it should be set to Sun. It should be tracked to the Earth (Remove all rotation, select it, then select the Earth, and press Control-T. Click on Old Track), and then move it into a good position. Relative to the Earth, X= -4, Y= -3, Z= 5 is a good position for the Sun, or an equivilent value for the placement of the camera. At least, that’s what i use, experement with it untill it loks good, and use AO. The combination of AO and one light will make it very much an outside setting.

Earth doesn’t have three suns, and if you’re going to make the outside setting on a different planet on which the Earth is on, slightly change the color of each of your different lamps and send me a scientiffically accurate description on how the planet revolves around each sun and how the suns interact with each other without colliding or interfering with the planet orbiting them.

sorry its been so long. well tynach, to please you i fixed the lighting.

I still plan to fix the grass so it is a bit lighter and maybe turn down the spec on the earth.

Very nice. Turning down the spec will solve the only problems I have.

ok spec on the earth is turned down.

Nice Grass!

Does anybody know how to make it so particles (grass in this case) doesn’t travel through solid objects??

redteam_spartan: You could use a of force field, to cheat the effect of grass being pushed away from the object…

The last pic is pretty cool. i really like the earth…