the easiest way to animate a tree

Hi, I have a tree looking like this:

I have an armature for it. and I guess I can animate it. But I was wondering if there any way to simulate the tree motion in the wind. I don’t have much experience in soft body simulation, and the best I got with this looking like fluid mor than a tree.
Any suggestion?

Well… how much “motion in the wind?” An armature would certainly be a good beginning, and you could (for example) define several distinct “actions” to break down the tree’s movement, then mix-and-match those actions in the NLA.

I remember seeing a very interesting “shaking tree” animation in which many different vertex-groups had been defined on various places on the tree, and several different bones (one for the trunk, another for the limbs) had been defined as influencing each group. Although I admired the result, I wondered at the time if it was a productive use of the time that was probably spent achieving it.

here’s an old script to add/edit/remove noise modifiers to your fcurves: first add a keyframe for posebones rotation and use a low value for amplitude like 0.1, if you wanted something simple this could be it -