The Easter Paradise

Blender internal, about 740000 polys in the final render.

Wow, that looks really good. The composition is really orginal. The shadow direction looks a little off from the sun IMHO, but maybe that’s just perspective.

very nice sky and water coloring

Nice work, excellent.MY C&C:
-The sun looks like its not round enough.
-i think the heads have a little more depth, and larger noses.

very nice!

The shadow direction looks a little off from the sun
yup i agree with that.
IMO there are too many butterflies :stuck_out_tongue:

But I like butterflies :wink:
The shadow is a bit off because it was a panorama render.
Thanks for the C&C.

That is a really nice render. I also like the butterflies, it gives the picture a little more flavor. But, the butterfly on the face to the right should be much smaller. If those were the statues on easter island that would make the butterfly bigger than my head…and I have a big head :Z

I just have to ask…what is with the bubbles?

What do you mean, aren’t there flying bubbles on Easter Island? %|
They are magical bubbles that make butterflies grow larger.
Seriously, I just felt like adding bubbles :slight_smile:
And very big butterflies do exist: (excuse alert)

Nifty render.

Is the sky procedural or a mapped photo? If it’s procedural, would you mind sharing?

if that sky is procedural i will give you 10$ US.

ok, excuse my ignorance on the butterflies :expressionless:

The sky is a coloured photograph :-?

“I like this a lot, thought the grass seems to be somewhat thick. Though with all my small knowlegde of the Easter Islands, and the existance of Humongo-Butterflies, why shouldn’t their be thick grasses for them to land upon?”
~Quoted from Me, Ongnissim…

As the sun sets it gets more squashed looking…just look outside at dusk next time you’ll see that. This sun is fine.


:o really really … impressive!
Very cool butterflies!
And this one might be a cool example of surrealism :slight_smile: Cause of the bubbles in the air.