The Eccleston/Tennant TARDIS - need some texturing advice!!!!

Ok been a long time away from here…

Here she is -

about a week on and off of modeling here, and is a REALLY accurate version of the 2005-2009 TARDIS made off of BBC specs. I figured with Tennant on the way out and a new TARDIS redesign for the 2010 Matt Smith Doctor (same exact proportions and design just has the Troughton feel with the St Johns shield on it and the white trim), thought I’d pay homage to my favorite version of this rickety old machine.

Modeling went Ok with the exception of all of the hand beveling - oh that sucked…
All of the signage was made by yours truly in GIMP. If you like the sign textures and are building your own TARDIS I’ll post them for use, just give credit where credit is due. This baby was made for closeup shots and such so the details hold up pretty well, textures need some work and dirtying up, but that comes next.

What I need help with is getting a really good wood normal and mapping it horizontally and vertically on appropriate UVs to give the appearance of actual separate boards. The only problem is, with all that beveling there are so many faces to map that selecting them all by hand and then mapping them on the vector they are supposed to go is more time than I’m willing to put in. I’ve tried auto mapping them, but that gives well - unwelcome results. And any wood texture I use on the entirety of the model (all over no distinguished horizontal and vertical boards) looks…lame, crappy, pick an adjective.

So I put forward - HELP! Any ideas on how to, maybe not easily, but at least acurately unwrap/texture this baby so I can finish her off?