The Edge of the world! (Updated: July 21)

Idea came to me after last week’s WC (‘The Impossible’) and I’ve got plenty of time lying around (:D), so I blended the edge of the world.

So, comments or advise are wanted, as usual, in particular about the waterfall, I’m really not happy with it, but I don’t know how to FIX it, which is really irritating. :x

I doubt wood was that shiny on ships back then. Tone done the Refraction. You can find Refraction in the Blinn shader. Also, maybe try adding a stucci texture mapped to Nor. Make the stucci have a low noise size.

The boats need some work I would say. The sails look very stiff and strait.

The water fall needs more splash to it. Try adding a particle emitter to get the results.

I would also say that the water texture needs some work. Even at night it still looks a little strange to have water thats that purple. Try and adjust it to more of a greenish bluish color.

Good work, and Great Idea.

remind me of “color of magic”

lol good book that one Aner.



Fixed the sails, Fixed the waterfall (sorta %|) and added a rudder and some windows.

Comments? Anything I should add, fix?

Great idea! And great ships too! The water needs a bit work tho.

Yeah nice idea… The water is better and i like the modell

Maybe you should change the texturing and lighting a bit

That’s hilarious. How about a richer night sky? Way out there at the edge of the world, there are no city lights to out-glow the milky way.

edit: ps, I love how the ship on the right has seen the edge and is trying to turn around!

Yeah, I love the idea, just get rid of that land…

great idea and the second picture is very nice. But it looks like the ship witch is going down isnt very ‘deep’ in the water, only a few inches. That should be fixed