The Eight Arches

Here’s something I’ve been working on a little bit over the past 2 weeks. The color looks good on the target moniter, but I haven’t been able to see it on any others yet, so please let me know how the colors look. Blender plus PSP 8 for painting the clouds. I think it’s my best render yet, but that’s not saying a lot.:wink: Here it is:

Plain Render:

Render with a PSP Dot Method Filter (I loved how this one looked, so I had to include it too):


p.s. Do any of you guys know what resolution I should render this at if I want to get some really nice 4x6’s printed? Thanks.:smiley:

edit I forgot to mention that I also used the Glow sequencer plug-in. :smiley:

The clouds were kind of bright, could use some tonedown. it doen’t match the lighting on the model (wc is superb!)

Got to love the grass! Although it looks like astroturf. The grass could use some yellowing and some bald patches near the trees.

I’m loving the B/W image, it’s like someone tore it out of an old book.

Depends on print resolution. If you plan to print on 200 dpi, render at 1200x960

Better yet, check this page

McDonalds :smiley: Just kidding.

That PSP version is great, not to say that the original Blender version isn’t. You can print that on paper and pass it off as an elaborate pen&ink drawing.

I agree about the grass, even so, a great render!

Oohhh, I love arches :slight_smile:


Thanks for the crits and comments guys!:smiley: I rendered it out at 1800x1200 and got a 4x6 printed yesterday, and the quality is superb. (I read somewhere to take the number of inches, and multiply that by the number of DPI, so that’s how I came up with 1800x1200)

rohancorwyn: Thanks for the link.:smiley:



your colour choice bothers me somewhat- but its not bad,
maybe it could look ncie in grayscale or sepia


very nice, tho im not actually a fan of the psp version, you could do better i think with a different ps filter

btw how can i get hold of this glow plugin?

great stuff!

The grass looks a bit weird and would be nice with some pedal from those cherry blossom but overall i love the work and texture. GW :slight_smile:

jaderberg: The glow plug-in is packed with Blender. Just add your scene to to the sequencer, then add>effect>glow, or something similar and position it above your scene strip. :smiley: