The Electors- (New Video Pg2!) 1/23/06

So I’ve begun work on a new animation. I wanted something extremely cartoony and stylized, sort of inspired by some of the city scapes and characters drawn by R. Crumb, although not as twisted. I’ve yet to write a meaningful plot or dialogue for the scene, but it’s going to be about two people running for mayor in a town, except that they’re the only residents.

Here are some pictures of the town so far, the happy smiley face sun, and one building.

This animation is going to be really tough for me however, because I haven’t figured out how the new armature system works yet, wish me luck!


very cartoony, I dunno if the sun looks to happy though. heh.

Now, I shall post some pictures of my current progress in the animation. I’ve started working on one of the two characters, but I’ve only gotten through with head. I’m afraid some of the verteces are a little rough, and it’s surprisingly low poly. Some subsurf to smooth it out.
Also, I’m having a little trouble on getting lips to connect to the rest of the face properly. It looks allright, but not as good as some of the heads I’ve seen in here. I hope these pictures show enough of the wirestructure to show what I mean.


The guy looks great. The scene is very hard to judge with so little in it, it looks too plain right now.

I like the style that is forming there. I do have one criticism tho. With the sun behind the house, shouldn’t the shadows fall in front of it? You might try moving the sun more to the (stage) right of the shot, and set the light to cast the shadows so that they fall to the front and to the (stage) left of the house.

Keep up the good work.

So I haven’t done any work on the scene yet, I’ve decided to finish designing the first character, then finish writing the script, then work on the second character and the setting. I’ve been fooling around with some keys for facial expressions on the first character. Sadly I’m probably gonna have to delete them all when i decide to finish his body, but it was fun to make them.

Here are some still images of the work done on his face so far. You know, it’s the usual expressions, happy, sad, angry, confused. I’d make a video to show you guys but I’m still trying to find a good place to host.


And two more images.


Two images of the other man’s head.


Damned fine looking characters.

I was going to suggest that the loops around the mouth on the first guy were a fraction untidy but it looks like you’re getting decent cheeks and expressions from them so there you go. The basic loops look like they are there anyway but there seemed to be one edge out of whack at the side of the mouth (did you struggle at all to get the cheek lines in the smile pose?).

this is really cool stuff! i really like the bighead pictures.

i wonder what it would look like if you would use real toon shading, like in this tutorial, especially with the last settings used in the example.

WOW I like your design. Are you working on the set yet?

AndyD: The loops around the mouth are untidy, mostly at the lips, but it does seem to be working ok when I make my face keys. The cheeks line up perfectly… But you’re right, I’m going to have to work on those loops on the mouth.

Bernie: I tested one of the toon shaders, and it looks ok. Just today I found out about ambient occlusion, which ups my render times A TON but provides a great image. I’ll give examples of both.

Enriq766: I’m afraid I haven’t worked anymore on the set, and I probably wont for a while. Right now I’m working on the body of the skinnier guy, then I’m going to armature it. Sadly, school has started again, and with that comes sports practice after school, so I have much less time to work on it. Eventually, this project will be finished.


I think the lips is too far out from the face on the bigface even for a toon and the nose ain’t very good either on bigface.

hey! thanks for making that test for me! it really looks nice!

This weekend gave me some hours to work on my animation, but I spent most of it catching up on the new armature system. What I did accomplish that I can show to all of you is the body of the Skinny character. Ta Da!


Did another hour of work, and managed to get most of the armature ok. Here is the a test image (his arms are stuck out because I haven’t given them an armature yet.


Here is another image, his body is full armatured with envelopes (there are some bad bends, but I’m just going to avoid them during the animation) and with IK thingamabobbers. Expect an animation soon!

I’m trying to decide whether or not he should be rendered with outlines, tell me what you think.


I like the new pose a lot. I think his body is a little bit to long and the neck is way too long. I know it’s a toon and you are going for a skinny looking character.

this is really looking promising, can’t wait to see the finished =D Characters have great personality

Very nice characters. I personally like the outlines, it gives a good definition and separation between the character and the background.

And, being toon’s its probably needed in any closeup’s, not as critical in the long shots.