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Hi all,

I have discovered the ED project by visiting the blender website and i can tell this is a great idea to support. I found out all the files and final renders are also available for free to download on a dedicated site. So i wonder what is the difference betwen the downlodables files and the DVD version?

I can see that the files don’t come up with any tutorials nor comments, so i wonder if the DVD version does?

I also noticed after the download that some files do have extensions like .blend1, .blend2…blend5. Does this mean Blender uses differents file formats?

Thank you

I’m having a wee bit of trouble understanding what your asking, but I’ll give this a shot.

If you mean, is there a difference between the stuff on the DVD and the stuff on the website, then the answer is no (afaik). The DVD just a nice way to support the project, and in the meantime get yourself a nifty little DVD cover and menu for the movie, but as far as the actual content, I don’t think there’s a difference.

And, as far as the .blend extensions go, when you make a blend file, another one is created, with extension .blend1. I think that formats like that are just backups (again, afaik).

Because this thread is in the wrong section, it is going to be locked. Just so you know.

Is there a better forum for this question? It doesn’t relate specifically to modeling, composition, animation, etc. Atleast point the quy in the right direction.

This forum is for Finished Projects, where you post your own finished projects. This is not a finished project, it is a question.

And the more proper forum for this question would be…?

I don’t know, but definitely not this one.

Exactly. It’s hardly any good to tell someone their wrong, and not explain what’s right.

Anyhoo, I hope I helped you out a bit, mballom.

thanks a lot Marty :slight_smile:

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seems pretty obvious to me.

That makes sense.

Maybe there should be a “miscellaneous questions about blender” forum to avoid all this confusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

even better:

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