The Elephants Dream Workbook!


great news for everyone who was asking for updated Blender 2.41 Manual.
Ton has announced that there will be something maybe even more interesting. Orange team plans to issue workbook concerning The Elephant Dream making of. It will be superb learning resource together with The Elephant Dream DVDs.


Looking forward to reading that!

that is phantastic!



I’ll have to buy it.

This would be excellent. I’ve only had the DVD a day but from looking at the files there is LOADS that I don’t understand. I’ve pretty much got to grips with modelling/texturing and basic animation but my rigs are no-way near as complicated as Emo and Proog… What does it all do?

What are all those circle things (curves) around their heads that say OB:guides.001 and what are those empty type things with big circles that say “ear force left” and “emo hair root”. Why is each scene populated with hundreds of these things and how do they help?

It’s one thing to have the files to see how a ‘professional’ would do it but it would be awesome to have a guide too! Bring it on!

Elye_Ball: the objects are hair guides that help shaping the hair emitter objects [in case of emo, two… in case of proog one, which is the head mesh itself] the ear force objects are two force fields that keep the hair strands from intersecting with the ears.


Ok, I sort of understand what you mean and I’m honoured that you responded. You’re like a major celebrity now! But I’m pretty sure that even with a book and a tutorial I’d only truly understand it if I did my own high poly character with hair. Since I haven’t then I can’t really complain can I?

I would definitely invest in a Elephants Dream workbook though! Definitely!

That would be useful indeed and a very interesting read as I’ve been having a few problems figuring a few things out too. It would be especially good for explaining some of the complex rigging techniques too.

By the way, as anyone figured out yet why the heads of Emo and Proog don’t show any unwrapping seams yet the arms and clothing do ?.:confused:

that’s because some parts of the characters had to be changed later on, so they were unwrapped, modified and then we used a python script [which is on the dvd] to copy the UV layout from one mesh to another… although not keeping seams.