The elevator room

Caption has most detail. But here’s more on the ideas I had making this.

  1. I origionally planned holes in the middle of the railings in a pattern right after another but knowing it would take a lot of time and already have made divisions in the middle to start with them I put the middle poly’s inward so the cross pattern would be like an I-beam

  2. I also wanted to put in glass tubes for the elevator cars to go in and would’ve done it but it made the image look crowded and you couldn’t see the platform good.

  3. I once had the idea for slits coming out of the cars to attatch to the metal cylinders but that was clunky and didn’t look good so I went with the halos like origionally planned. I knew I would need env. maps to make them show in reflections but the way it turned out without them I found they weren’t really needed in how the camera was set up.

  4. I also had the idea that the fake window lights made with a texture affecting the emit value would go across the embossed cylindricular wall lining in a vertical fashion but horizontal just ended up looking nicer.

And I avoided myself from having to make entrances in the wall by positioning and scaling the wall so there would be no visible spot where it intersected the paths.

Its okay.


  1. Needs more light

  2. Need something else other than those blue blobs.

  3. More texture on the poles.

Yep it’s nice.
It indeed needs a better lighting setup. I would suggest you try to add more contrast in your picture too, either by adding more color or by adding better textures (or both).
Keep it up.

I don’t remember very many sci-fi scenes being real colorful though, and I just mainly lit it from with a spotlight from and a hemilight above because I couldn’t find a good spot that would make a good source of light (except for the elevators their light is on the roof which you couldn’t see at all.) I’ll probably improve the halos mainly.

So, because not so many scifi scenes are no colorfull you cannot do one?

But anyway, too dark, and yes, indeed some variation in color would do some good. I doubt real future will be in black&white.

About being too dark it looks fine on my computer

I found a link here so you can see if you have your monitor set up right like mine is.

If you can’t see some of the shades of grey well then you need to adjust the monitor a little.

mabye ur monitors wrong, got ur gamma up too high?

Nice pic, reminds me of the end of Star Wars Episode 1
Does need to be brighter though

Updated the image, shadows are more pronounced and the halos got a dash of purple to them.

I think my monitor is pretty close to where it shoulc be, I can see the shades of grey just fine.

Oh, and it was kind of intended for the light level to not be very bright. A high light level would kind-of destroy the feel to it.

The blobs need some lines or something in them so they dont look like blobs :wink: and maby some “prongs” on the top of te lift so there not just floating there they seem out of place as they are.

They’re supposed to be fields generated by the top of the elevators so they can move up and down in mid-air, it’ll probably be the last update though. I just got a killer idea for this week’s WC.

I agree with what other people have said; not bright enough or not enough variation in color. And the walls seem a bit mundane. If you want to work on other things, though, that’s okay; it’s your choice.

(Also, just as an aside, are you a native English speaker? Your caption was a little difficult to understand…)

The wall is supposed to be like that. The way you see it with the glowing lines of light on it. I also turned the reflection value on it all the way down so there would be no real light on it as the texture other then that is just black and plain.