The Elevators

Recently, I’ve finished animation with my friend.
Hope to hear some constructive critique.

“The Elevators”

Here some arts from the project

I think I choose the first elevator, believe that heaven is a better place to be, but do you think that today’s young people will recognize these classic rock music, especially since it played as short intros. Have the impression that most young people today mostly listen to HipHop and RnB, but maybe I’m wrong.
Nice renderings but perhaps a little too dark in my taste.

Looks cool! The lighting is really well done.

Thanks for your opinions Kamawi and CGI Visuals.
I’m working now on a few renders, with bright light, to show how scene looks. Maybe I’ll add one screen from viewport.

If it comes to music, I think that at least Highway to hell is recognisable. I’m not so sure about the second one.