The Encounter - Short Animation

Feature Still:


Ok, so this time I needed two weeks instead of just one, but without that extra week worth of time I wouldn’t have been able to finish the whole animation, compositing, and video editing. So it was all worth it!

I was in charge of everything in here, modeling, texturing, scene setup, VFX, compositing, you name it :slight_smile:
And no, before people go crazy with how the hell am I able to model & texture all those props in such a short amount of time - most of those props I’m recycling, meaning I made those some time ago and I’m just reusing them to save time. The only modeling/texturing I had to those for this particular project was the environment - as in the room. Then just filled it up with stuff I’ve made in the past.
As always, I’ll be posting a whole video going through this project, this weekend. So stay tuned for that if it’s your cup of tea!

All those pictures are my masterpieces I made using Midjourney :laughing:


Nice work,welldone

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