The end of a long road...

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Yea yea…trek…
NX-01 by Kenny_Z everything else, me and NASA.
(10000x5000 res maps all around, pretty nice!

(BgDM) #2

Nice image. Actually, excellent image!

I love that new Enterprise ship. Probably their best design to date.


(haunt_house) #3

impressive :smiley:

But I think a bit more atmosphere at the horizon would be great


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ok, this is wrong…
104 views, 2 replys…


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sorry, I must have skipped over this one in my random board viewing. Anyways, I like it!! the enterprise model looks VERY nice. But I don’t really like lens flares, so its gotta go in my opinion. I feel that it takes away from the picture by drawing attention to it.

(TheHobbit) #6

I also do not like the lens flare. I believe a little trail of the engines fuel would be nifty but I’m not sure if thats what you want. It looks good as usual.

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P.S. I do mean your art, not me.

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FWAPS Elsdon with a trout

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104 views, 2 replys…

beleive it or not, thats the norm… some people just like looking at pics

awesome pic btw =D the flare is awefully huge and detracts totally from your awesome enterprise model… and yea, some atmosphere would look great 8)

(sten) #10

Nice…it is cool with sci-fi space scenes

(Dittohead) #11


but if that was done in blender then your lens flare could be better, im guessin’ that was inserted using photoshop.`

(A2597) #12

yep, I’ve spent hours on end trying to make a halfway decent sun and flare in Blender, never got one even as good as photoshop’s crappy ones.

One of my suggested changes to the Blender code:
better flares & halos
and True Glows.


(Alltaken) #13

i recon that holos in blender are great except for one thing.

you can change the size overall but you can’t change the proportion of the fading edge to the bright centre.

and i had 220 views with two replys but no critisism kinda disapionting eh

oh yeah nice pic by the way.

do you ever get annoyed that they seem to never get home on the program

(IMProvisar) #14

First… great pic, though I have criticism of the title… the road leads away from Earth, so their either at the beginning, or back to the beginning. :slight_smile: Didn’t figure that was worthy of posting, but…

Well, the whole point was to get away from home. I don’t recall Enterprise 1701 going back to Earth until in the movies. The Enterprise-D did, but rarely. I’m re-watching the whole TNG series in sequence, and I think only 3 episodes so far in the first 3.5 seasons are at/near Earth… 1) When they went home to kill the aliens that take people over much like Heinlein’s “Puppet Masters”, 2) To stop the Borg after it got past Wolf 359, and 3) for some shore leave, repairs, and upgrades right after the Borg encounter.

Heck… they almost went home once, until they got those cannons installed, and decided they wanted to continue the mission. How long were Spanish, Portugese and other European explorers out exploring the “New World” of the Western Hemisphere before going back?

Since we’re on the subject, I’m extremely angered by my local station. Those $&%&$% at the local UPN affiliate showed some stupid movie instead of the ST:Enterprise season premier!!! :x And when I say some stupid movie, I don’t mean I think they’re showing a good movie for a stupid reason, it was a stupid movie… I’d seen it a few times before… “Blue Streak” with Martin Lawrence. It’s good for a few laughs, but it’s not a really good movie. Why they would choose not to show the season premiere of their network’s key series, based on the network owner’s most valuable franchise is completely beyond me. They aren’t just a UPN network though. They’ve got a somewhat interesting setup… they’re UPN and WB (they pick and choose what they think is the best of the two), and they’re the “Home Team”, showing local (Hawaii) sports. Perhaps if they preempted it for UH Wahine (women’s) Volleyball, I could somewhat understand that. Volleyball is popular in this state, because it’s the only thing the University of Hawaii does well, lol. They preempted Voyager a number of times for that… but for a stupid movie??? :x :x :x

Luckily, the local CBS affiliate will be showing last season’s finale, and next season’s premiere on Saturday. Not sure how they pulled it off, but I’m glad they have, as the local UPN affiliate has failed it’s duties. Even funnier… the K5 “The Home Team” UPN/WB station owner also owns another station… an NBC affiliate. Even more boggling. lol


(paradox) #15

nice scene. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been lax in responding to posts. Well time to catch up. I liked it alot.


(VelikM) #16

Nice pic. The flares could be toned down a little.

(rogerm3d) #17

One of the nicest space seens :wink: in a while.
But the flare is to strong. And it shouldnt show up where the planet is.

(Smerity) #18

Great pic!

Just a few things though:

The atmosphere is a little too small, and it seems to be really reflective (when it’s facing the sun some of the atmosphere looks like it’s going neon)

I don’t mind sunflares, but it is a little too bright & detracts from the pic, maybe u could have it in a corner, not near the ship and tone the brightness down a bit.

Apart from that it’s absolutely awesome! I would love to see the ship close up and motion-blurless!

Keep making more :smiley:

(valarking) #19

actually you did recieve critism, to make the atmoshereic blue more noticable. i cant critisize because im not really a fan of the series, and i dont know about the style or the ships. :frowning: