the end of render farms?
wut uthink!don’fknow…what you tink…so what do youtinkisappropriate?

I don’t think so, the reason is that it is my backup plane in future if I cannot make it in gaming field. I was thinking to like put one small Render Farm with a little investment and then I can just raise it. I think like the company who want there job done is very less time and right in front of there eyes, than render farm is good. They can simply come and let us what to do.

I haven’t seen your site very much just seen the price and that’s it. But I think if you are doing some good quality of work than the money will not come in between. :smiley:

This is just my view it can be gone I just want to keep my view that’s it , I don’t want to hurt anyone or so. :smiley:


what future?

Technically this is designed for research purposes…not renderfarming.

who said blender wz||0f4rea5er<|-|?

The only difference between that cluster and a render cluster is the purpose. Cloud just means offsite usage.

now this discussion is going up from my head and I cannot understand anything :frowning:

Blender CAN…and I only mean it CAN be used for reasearch. BUT Blender’s primary purpose has to do with 3D computer graphics modeling used mostly for film and gaming. A renderfarm is designed for outputting a series of rendered frames for animation in a usually much faster export time. this site does not list itself as devoted to the cause of doing renderfarming and chooses to work itself for more scientific type things such as star tracking, webdesign, and so on…not film or game related cloud networking.

render farms won’t end,but it has a new beginning,which as known as cloud render service definitely.