The End of SUZ-4N2

Its MPEG-4.

Enjoy. I think sound will be coming later.

I’ll shrink it down and make it MPEG-1 later (I have to do this to enter it into the IRTC.)

  • Sharp

awww so sad… the little robot looks like it wants to cry at the end… :frowning:
movements are nice and smooth. lots of shiny reflective things… :slight_smile:
pity about the file size but you said it’s soon to be fixed


Very well done!
Just one little detail, the wheels look like they have no real volume, because the appear entirely black …

smaller file size MPEG-1 version…

This is the version I submitted to the IRTC. I met the (10mb) file size requirement within 1 kilobyte.

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