The end of the world has arived! (not some gay conspiracy)

Sorry… I guess there’s no politics talk aloud…

The leaked vid is still online anyway:

1 vote to ban killer.

Ban me? For posting “REAL” news??? I’m just giving yall a heads up.

Yeah, but it’s against the rules to bring up politics

So, tomato sandwiches are good!

Really? Deleted…

Holy 0111001101101000011010010111010000100001!!

14 times… I’m moving to Mars

Wait… I’m not clicking on that link. I don’t trust it.
It is a youtube link. All BA users know not to trust those.

Here they come dressed in red , hide all contraband killer!
The funniest thing is, they are going to vote ban you for a non-political video.
Did not even look at the link before starting the witch hunt.
Reminds me of an old story in Salem Massachusetts a long time ago.

Tell me I won’t get Rick Roll’d if I click on that.

You wont… it’s just a damn funny parody video of Sarah Palin.

I think the mods should just open 1 free for all religion, politics, and money thread just so we can bash each other without being locked. I have been about to say something hilariously insulting and BAM, the thread’s locked.:no:
Anyway, I saw rick roll in the address bar and quickly stopped the page from loading:D

What’s so bad about being rickrolled? Lol.

You know, I figured the best way to hide a rick roll is to link a link.
so instead of just putting

you would link that to, say

so it would be like this

Well you’re a little pro aren’t you?

of course, I always check what it says down on the bottom of IE.
(yes, i’m an IE user[at college anyway])

Rick-rolls can be anything but funny if you do it wrong, if you make a link to the upcoming 2.5 release logs and instead goes to a cussy slander video for example.

This is a good thread as it’s gives me an chance to post something not relevant to the thread, and of no particular interest to any. So thank you for this and have a great day!

BTW kbot, your post is totally relevant and of complete interest to me!

I don’t open youtube links that end in HA0.

If they did that people wouldn’t use offtopic anymore. Well, there would still be forum games which you feel obliged to post once and then happily ignore forever after that