The End Of The World

This is the cover image I made for the second edition of the novel, “The Unselfish Gene” by Robert Douglas Burns. The novel is set in the mid 21st-Century, where a plague has killed off most of the population. Lunar colonists escape the plague, but lacking resources, construct a huge, nuclear-powered spaceship, the Anita, to salvage supplies from Earth before a massive planet-killing comet comes along to finish the job.

More images can be found on my website.

Yay for Orion nuclear bomb propelled spacecraft. I like near-future/retro sci-fi concepts like this, there’s only so much flashy Star Trek miracle technology I can take.

What is the meaning of that symbol on the ship?


I take it that the lack of stars in the space has a meaning too, very nice cover congrats!

Thanks all. Duy3, the lack of stars is what you would see. Stars are much too faint to be visible next to a big bright object like the Earth.