The end of time <- UPDATE

This is an old blend that was laying around on my hd… so i decided to finish it up:

Chrono Trigger rules

Yes… but what is it ? It’s also a bit dark…

A bit dark and too much PP, but other then that intersting work.


Contents of the picture look jagged.

The picture is of an area from one of the best games ever :smiley:
It looks really good

My thoughts exactly :)!




But this could use a better camera angle and more lighting.

Cool! I don’t really get it though…

nice, it really reminds me of some game…
Is that guy a gangster?

hmm… yeah you guys are right about the jagged crap… i thought the oil painting look would be cool… hmm maybe i’ll mess around with curves on it a bit today.

hey i got it as soon as i saw the lamp…i was like…hmm…that looks like the…End of Time…hey!!! It’s supposed to be dark and mysterious…i think the angle lacks drama though…not quite sure how to put it…maybe a long shot towards the portals from behind somebodys shoulder…I’m not sure how I would do that …but its a great pic!

man…that…style…of…typing…is…annoying…i know…sorry :smiley:

updated it./

The mans pants seem to blend in with the pole.

I thought it looked like a scene from a computer game.
In that case - very nice.

I have no idea what the content is about though not knowing the game it comes from.



I don’t think knowing the title means that I know the game. :wink:


LOL :expressionless: :P.



real nice man, which did you use the 1 from Trigger or Chross heh they are both the same but just thought I’d ask

oh btw you know what would be cool, if you did another angle and showed epoch in the background

that is cool, i loved that game. I wished the’d do a third volume for the ps2, im a little hungry for some chrono action since Cross came out.

The light beams are a little too bright though. Still, this cool. Perhaps another angle?

yes indeed very well done if you played the game. I think the man beside the pole needs some work, his elbows are very pointy. and the cylinder beams need to be turned down a lil.
And yes this game is prob still one of my fav’s. Good Job f00f.