the end, the beginning | revisiting the corridor - comparing Indigo and Octane

With my new GPU around i thought of visiting the old hostel corridor - this time in Octane.
Thought it would be a good comparison between the two unbiased renderers with a scene relying mostly on indirect lighting. As you can see, while the original render had no direct lighting inside the corridor, i decided to let some sunlight come in through the window this time.

Here’s the result on a GTX 560 for about an hour with path tracing enabled.

Please feel free to leave comments or criticize.



Original Post:
This might look boring to some, but it strikes a few chords of nostalgia for some people who spent 2 yrs of their lives near a sleepy village in central india…rendered for around 15hrs in indigo…what do u say?

thanks in advance for the comments.

Nice work.
I really like the style that you employed in the image. I’m not sure I understand the title though…4*s from me (it is a renderer that makes most things beautiful after all)
Good job,

thnks for the comment…check out to see the image in its context. Its basically a hostel corridor from where an entire batch has just left to join their respective jobs after the completion of their course.

And yes, the renderer does take a lot of work off from the artists, at least when it comes to lighting.

You have a typo on your webpage: “achieved by it is limited obly by one’s” (“obly” instead of “only”). About the image: looks good, but doesn’t exactly tell the story. It just “looks”.

Has a nice feel to it. The one thing that bothers me is the foreground wall on the left. The way the image is cropped, it looks like there is just nothing to the left of the corridor. The floor is also impossible smooth. But I know Indigo is not great with bump maps, so overall well done.

I wouldn’t say it’s boring… It makes me nostalgic, and I’ve never even lived in a sleepy indian village :stuck_out_tongue:

liked this indigo piece , …
good work .
good luck anuraag_01 .

it kind of reminds me of my old house, which I hardly remember so it creeps me out.

Nice render, I like the overexposed window. still some noise, you could try to fix it with neat image. Some crits, it’s too relfective for my taste and I would have avoid the simetry, maybe simply by rendering a bit more of the bottom of the scene.

thanks everyone for the comments and crits…here’s the reference pic, just in case anyone is interested.

when i started with the scene, i thought i would just model the corridor and let the window let in the light with the glow. But soon i found that the light coming from the window was plain white, unlike the orange tinge visible in the reference pic. I studied the scene once more and found that the orange light is actually coming as an effect of light bouncing off another building and then coming through the window. I then modeled a facade of that building and placed it accordingly to let indigo work the light bounce magic!

That is so cool!

I don’t want to be intrusive, but this occured to me after you have shown your reference pic: it has a bit too much of the angle, but this gives some sort of character. Your render is a little bit too perfectly aligned to the view. What if you played the camera angle just a little bit?

Very nice. And very true to your ref image!

Updated new Octane render.