The End

(acasto) #1

I thought this might be a good addition to the ‘Merry Christmas’ image I did last night. Makes you wonder why that Christmas star keeps getting bigger, don’t it.

I have a bunch more ideas of things to do, but I’m going to take a break and perhaps get some more posted tonight :slight_smile:

(adyus) #2

i think you got no replies because you ruined everyone’s christmas spirit with this one…lol, just kidding. Great work, I love the planet texture, but you forgot the stars or the moon! you can’t have earth inspace without stars!

(Ecks) #3

Well…not exactly…I don’t want to make my little scientist but here it go:

Did you ever saw a record of a nasa mission in space? if yes, you surely saw that there were No start…cause they don’t emit enough light to show up on a camera lens. So maybe Acasto wanted to make his pic very realistic…hehe lol

Nice pic Acasto!

(Lordbenny) #4

Not a bad picture at all.

Nice planet textures.

(malefico) #5

That will be a shaken christmas…you only need an atmosphere halo to be perfect. And maybe a ribbon in the asteroid ? (ugly gift by the way)

Cool textures (I specially like the clouds in the night area).



(acasto) #6

Actually, that wouldn’t be realistic. There is already a mild atmosphere on it. And at the angle the sun is hitting it compared to the camera, there wouldn’t be much of a halo effect anyways. Depending on several criteria, such as sun ray to camera angle, and even what lies beanth the atmosphere (ocean? desert? etc…) determines the effect of the halo or the way the atmosphere fades or is even present in the horizon. I found it handy to make a transparent sphere atmosphere, and a halo atmosphere, that you can switch between and adjust dependant upon desired affect needed and camera angle. Also, halos if not done just perfectly, make it look to sci-fi final fantasy kind’ve.

(VelikM) #7

The cosmic turkey shoot.

(NateTG) #8

nice. a little flat tho. needs depth. maybe some stars? and the moon in the back ground or something.

very good otherwise.

(Detritus) #9

me checks my intergalactic escape pod an extra time