The Enforcers

I decided to do a quick sketch, trying to create forms from the shadows only, rather that line drawing them. Part of my ongoing attempt to get to grips with shading a human face. This is how it turned out:

Old Image:


Any crits would be appreciated.


Nice start. Shading is hard.

A couple of prominent lines are too high.

The eyes should pretty much be a circular shadow, with the brow more or less straight. You’ve got too little shading under the eye and the shading under the brow is too high and pointed (remember, make it straight[ish]).

THe other prominent thing is the cheekbones. Again too high and this time too straight. They should be more ‘v’-like.

The lips should also have greater definition and the shadow under the nose just a little longer.

The reason for all this is that the light for the rest of the scene seems to be directly above and in front of the forehead, while the shadows at the brow and cheeks suggest a stronger light that is more directly above the head. The incongruity makes it pop.

I like the clasp at the neck. Looks like a metal ring and glass. Nice!

Thanks Duoas, some really good crits there. I have done another bit of work on the face, mainly on the areas you highlighted. I think it looks better, although it’s a long way from where I wany to be…

The update is in the first post.


Glad to be of help.

It looks great! Now, rather than beat it into submission, go forth young one and put your augmented powers to new use! (Start a new picture!)