The Enola Gay

I have spent all weekend modeling the Enola Gay for a history video assignment. So far I have a close to accurate frame made, or about as much as I need for what I am trying to do. My next step (I believe) is to texture the body and touch up a few things. I am trying to go for photo realism here, but I am limited to my ability, and a reasonable render time (it will be animated). I have never perfected texturing and I am having a hard time with it. Pictures of the Enola gay have very distinct aluminum pannels and detailed cockpit glass. The airframe textures and glass are the only things that are really very important; they are the only reason I started the plane to begin with.

If anyone would like to play around with the file, I have it posted:
I would appreciate any feedback or modifications!

Please post a screenshot of it?

I have one screen shot posted on the link. Here are a few more.

These aren’t renders by the way. Those don’t look much different anyway.
here you can see the sad shape of the glass.

Can someone please point me to a tut that has a similar concept of texturing? I tried following the one at the top of “works in progress” and the misile, but it didnt’ work for the Enola Gay. Like I said before, the full file is on the link above so you can analize my situation. This is also my first model of anything such a large scale. I have been Blending since August.

I think you should actually model the windows, a texture isn’t going to work. The front edge of the wing looks really messy too. With the minute level of detail you have right now you’ll never get close to photorealism in a close up, maybe from very far away you’d be all right. I don’t have any experience modelling planes though so I’m not sure what to suggest. Sorry I’m not very helpful.

Oh, BTW, I think your next step should be to do the engines. Not having them and then doing the textures and then adding them might screw it up.

I was thinking about doing away with the engines for now. The camera shots I had in mind were an angled shot of the cockpit where the “enola gay” are in center ‘focus’, and a shot where the bomb bay doors open up and the Fat Man bomb falls out or something.

You are right, the wing is messy because when I was loop subdividing the windows it added more verts than I needed. I can fix those up.

As far as the photorealism goes, idealy yes, but I’m not counting on it right now. I would really like to be able to texture at least the areas of importance with aluminum pannels, instead of all one smooth shape, and maybe some rivits. The pannels nor rivits would be modeled, just in a texture. I think the plane is just rough enough to give a slight pannel effect for the skin.

Again, if anyone could point me in a direction to doing this, I would be very greatful.

progress renders will be posted shortly!

Hey… your on the right track :smiley:

What you are looking for is UV texturing. I have been working with it for about 2 months now and am finally getting where I can make some halfway decet shit.

To give you an idea here is a pic of something I am working on…

The non-skid on the deck and believe it or not the hatches are all done with an image texture mapped to UV and then NOR for the nonskid and a second DISP for the hatches…

You could litterally do all the seams-rivets colors hatches windows all using just materials indices and UV mapping! :stuck_out_tongue:

You just have to realize that if this is your first time doing it. It is going to take some time and effort to learn. But, on the other hand doing it over and over as you correct your mistakes will make you fast like this guy [>] :Z

ok so on with the tuts…

Video Tut on UV unwrapping
Relevant section in blender manual