The Essential Blender

Hi all,

Today was my B’day, and my mum has ordered a blender book called “The Essential Blender”. And I was wondering if anyone could give me a little review of it (if your up to it).

And also it may not come up in the reviews so I will ask, does it have anything about modelling? (because I am a very BAD modeller).




I’ve read Essential Blender and it’s an excellent beginners book about Blender. Covers the basics of major bits of Blender.

There are many reviews of the book, my personal opin review is here:

Though it’s also worth noting that you can get the contents of essential blender on the Blender wiki for free, here is the link:

Though buying the book from the Blender Eshop means that some money goes towards supporting Blender so it may be worth getting it from the Blender EShop.

Either way great book very useful.

Thank you for that, I hope that I will enjoy it!

I have ordered the book few months ago when i was new to Blender and it helped me a lot to grab the interface basics.
For those of “old school”, like me, having a “real” book on the knees (even while surching for preciser answers on the web) is “essential” for a start into a new application.
Just 2 points:

  1. The dolls & guys on this forum also worth a book by their personnal advises
  2. Pictures in the book are barely usefull… because of a “not so good” printing

For the rest it’s just quite a good base.

The online versions of the pics are much better than the printed versions, so where you have trouble following the book due to an image you can check out the larger colored version for clarification. Essential Blender covers a lot of ground - definitely not a quick read but then learning 3D takes time.

what is this blender essential book
in the given reference it is in spanish

is there an english version of it?

i did see a while ago a PDF copy of the blender book
but i got to find where i’v put the link
if anybody has it let us know again !

i got theses two little book PDF

they are only a basci intro general
but good intro for noobies

but you got the forums where you can ask questions
and you should be able to get help there

the only thing i recommend is to practice a lot
try to use the many tools in blender to get use with them
and with time you’ll know how to use them and when to use theses tools

happy blendering