The essetial blender book?

I am encountering a problem with one of the chapters with essential with blender on chapter 4, page 93 at “CLOSING TOP” section. It seems that when I do the extrusion, but when I press the S-key. The line expands to the sides and not to the front like suppose to do.
How can I fix this issue.:frowning:

Sincerely, A blender beginner.:o

I don’t have the book, but I bet know what the issue is. You’re trying to scale the extruded verts down to 0, at the center of a cylinder, right? What’s wrong is this: you’ve probably accidently hit the “.” (period) key, which means that all of the verts are scaling toward the cursor (that red and white circle with cross hairs) - which is probably off to the side at the moment - rather than the center of the circle of verts. Hit the “,” (comma) key, and then the verts will scale toward their collective center.

(Under the 3D window is a small button, 2 buttons to the right of the area that says “edit mode”. This is the Pivot point button, where you can set this value.)


sounds like it’s trying to scale along the normal

hit escape, then S to scale, and enter whatever number you want.
or, press Z three times, then enter the number

Hello blender experts:

I have a real issue with the Chapter 10 UV Mapping in 2.49 version. I’ve been following the chapter, and there’s a procedure call “Stick UVs to Mesh Vertex,” or use the Ctrl-C hotkey. However, I cannot find this command under the select menu. There’s anyone could help to solve this issue.

All help will be gratefully appreciated.