The Eternal Battle

“The Eternal Battle” is something I was thinking about since a lot.

This is the price our spontaneity and personality have to pay inside all of us (well… hopefully! :confused:)
when fighting against social behaviours, call them respect, duty… love.

Modeling, rendering and effects have been awarded
the prestigious “100% Made in Blender” token :ba:
and some colors correction has been made in Gimp.
Everything was running under Ubuntu 64 Hardy first, then Intrepid later.

This is my “Almost-one-year-with-Blender: Celebrating Project :D” also,
so… best wishes to me, Blender (that in the last year has grown horribly fast!), and thank you for viewing my work!

I’ve added a couple of close-up of my “Jacob” little spectators :slight_smile:

Edit 11-20-2008: Higher resolution image added.


Whoa! Looks great to me!

Nice render ! Five stars :).

wow, great work.

Yes, very impressive! Please share some more details - wireframes, textures, pre-post stuff, the sort. Just a screenshot of the project OOPS window would be interesting to study. :slight_smile:

Happy anniversary BTW
/ Mats

This is just fantastic. I really love the style.

Open source work-out! Nice!
Yes, <i>share some more details</i> if you want.
4 Stars

Congratulations! I would love to this posted on the Gallery section. :slight_smile: Good work.


Wow! thats great! I’ve been using blender for a year now, and I’m not that good yet…:frowning:

Anyways, 5 stars!

Really really nice work! Love the scene itself, love the texture, love the concept, love everything!

I’m also celebrating…my 1st week…end with blender! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also working on opensource software too, i think it’s a great motivation and the way where the future is.

that is really great work mate. how did you do the mountain in the background though? it is great. would love if you could show the texture or node setup for it, it’s something that i have had real problems with.

makes me think of the wheel of time… in a way. I like it!

I should have looked at this one sooner, heh, very nice work, I like everything but most of all the ice, I voted 5 stars, thank you for sharing this one :slight_smile:

thank you guys, very happy to share with you some wires :slight_smile:
The scene was tremendously heavy for my system during modeling, sculpting,
and even selecting object was a pain in certain situations. I’ve shooted some
relevants parts, disabling other heavy objects of the scene to keep my pc reacting :smiley:
Let me know if you want zoom in on some other parts.

The terrain, the trunk, the big stones are modeled and sculpted (the trunk was a pain with 1 GB of RAM… :mad:),
the wave is an ocean simulation, thanks to the “Promotion studios” patch.

For the textures I’'ve wandered in and out woods, banks of rivers, farms and huts for a months I think in my wanderings
and taken a loooot of pictures of everything could been inspiring for modeling or texturing, then I’ve arranged very big images,
say 5000 x 4000 pixels in order to obtain textures to use on my meshes.

Edit 11-20-2008:
Sorry guys, I didn’t realized you could barely see something in attached wires
due to the 1024 pixel limitation until now. Here are same screenshot at its original resolution. Click to enlarge.

Here some screenshot:


Wow, you did all that in 1gig of ram! :slight_smile: well done, thanks for sharing the trunk most of all I studied that for a while :slight_smile: you are a great modeler imho.

impressive mesh, excellent modeling for your work~! I like the feeling of this fantastic scene. 4 stars!:slight_smile: looking forward your 2 years celebrating work!

Impressive as usual Shila! Congrats on the first year of what I hope is many more to come!! Can’t wait to see the next work from you.

Many many thanks you all guys :o I’m happy to know the wires are useful.

You’re worrying me, man! How could you know one of the intermediate version had mountain on background? :ba:
I think you mean rocks at the left side… :wink:

For the Nodes compositor, I’ve separeted only the specular pass then modified it with glare nodes
and obtain that effect. Then re-composite the two passes with “Add” node.

@ Jimtuv:
Glad to see you here mate, do you know I completely sucked in sculpting until I studied a certain thread…?

Edit 11-20-2008:
Sorry guys, I didn’t realized you could barely see something in attached wires
due to the 1024 pixel limitation until now. Here are same screenshot at its original resolution. Click to enlarge.

I post some other screenshots:


Sorry the bad resolution of the wires in previous posts, I didn’t realized they were cutted to 1024 pixels until now… :o

I’ve added the higher resolution for every posted images, thank you for reading and every C&C is welcome!

Whoa! Looks great to me!