The Euro

Hello There,

This is my first animation made solely by myself and not being a tutorial so I hope you like it. It was rendered in The Blender internal renderer and the coin texture was from

As I am very much a beginner please provide helpful critique so I can improve my work.

very cool! I really enjoyed it! keep up the hardwork!

You might take a real coin… and drop it on a desk… just to see how much it bounces… i"m looking at an American penny ‘bounce’ off my computer desk just a bit more than what I’m seeing here… otherwise… No Crits…

Thats a good idea, thanks.
Is there a way to change the bounciness of object in the blender game engine?

You could add a Hemi light to the scene and set it to a low value like 0.1. This will give those completely dark sides of the coin some color value. Also, as far as sound goes, when you add sound to video drop it down -6db before you render. The initial sound blast from your video sent me to the mute button immediately. If people are muting your sound, what is the point of putting it in anyway?

I think the bounciness of objects in the game engine is controlled at the material level. So keep the render engine set to Game and adjust material settings for coin and floor.

Thanks for the advice, it is greatly appreciated.

The sound is done with YouTube AudioSwap to avoid copyright infringment but you are right that it is too loud.

I hadn’t thought of using a hemi light, I originally tried enviroment lighting but render times were ridiculous.

looks good to me, the only thing i can make a critic of is that at 0:30-0:31 a coin at the rightbottom side is intersecting with another, but that’s just nitpicking ^^

Add a slight reflective material on the coins with a gloss of about 0.5. And increase specularity. They currently look like carton coins.

I did that but the normal Map was interfering with specular and making the specular cover the coins in white dots, is there a way to fix this?

Decrease the value of the normal in textures tab.