The Eva Project - Screenshots #2

(Abracsis) #1

Here’s the second bout. In terms of information about the game… It uses a Zlock combat system, where primarily you will be exploring platform levels as “Eva” who is fighting to save earth…(how exciting) well, you’ll see why in the opening cut scene. but for now, enjoy these:

-Luke -Sara -IconJunky

(saluk) #2

Looks very cool.

Cant wait to play…

(Pooba) #3

Wow! Looks great, i can’t wait until you release it! Do you make your own textures?


(Ecks) #4

WOW look great! :o

sorry for my ignorance but is this gameblender? because it look really professional for me…

(sara) #5

eh! i just updated my website with new Eva Project screenshots of course:


(saluk) #6

Hehe, Xwarrior.

Don’t think blender can do this? I think that there is a lot Blender can do that we don’t give it credit for, it just takes some skilled content creation work behind the scenes, some talented artists:) to make it proffesional.

This is definately looking very nice, but nothing Blender couldn’t do.

(S_W) #7

Seems to be one of the most professional looking games ever made with Blender… :wink:

(Yamyam) #8

Looks great!!
Images are very nice too in Sara’s page. I can’t wait!