The ever changing Picture

Ok first off this picture hurts your eyes after awhile so stare at your own risk.
I was just taking a break from my corridor picture, while messing around I came up with this crazy thing. If you look at it like its a hidden picture its really weird you will just have to see for yourself.


Blue, yellow, red, and green stripes is what i get when i state. Pretty neat.


I get red and baby blue stripes here. Or that my eyes see differently.

It looks like you shaded bands of very pale color into the pattern. Pretty cool though, because sometimes it looks white, but then when you focus, you can see the colors.

I see green yellow and red strips…

This type of image is called a stereogram. The effect is a three-dimentional fence, where the “wires” are braided.
However. The image has been modified, and the effect is rather lost. Two-thirds of the image, from left to right, the perspective effect is broken due to a resizing of the image.
Here is one of mine.

Cool! Nice and easy to see, Darkside. But what is it? It looks like a fat robot with holes in it, but I’m probably wrong, lol.

Stereograms are awesome.

I had to look away after 10 seconds of looking at that. It’s probably because it’s super late, but it made me feel a sort of vertigo that I don’t feel like experiencing again.

This is the “worst” picture I’ve ever seen – worse than the one here – .

Nice work! :smiley:


Why, I forgot to show the image map of the stereogram before it got rendered. And it seems I lost the original, too. But, here is something that resembles the original.
The Ma symbol.
Meaning: devil, devildom, monster, snark, magic, theurgy, sorcery, or enchantment. Sorry for taking eighteen hours or so to reply.

is the picture really different colors? after you say that it has stripes my mind wants to think that. but since it is an illusion you never know. maybe it really is all white? i could load it into paint and move my mouse around and it would tell me the colors, but im too lazy to try that now :slight_smile: