The Exile

This is the Exile, I had thought to use it for a game project I was going to start sometime next year… But that was when it was still low poly, I think I took it too far. In any case I’m going to use it for something.

Tell me what you think, ;).


This is part of the Exile’s interior. Engineering Sections 1 and 2.

Tell me what you think, ;).


why are there bipeds from 3ds max in the pics?

looks nice tho. maybe tone down the colors on the screens tho, they look a bit gareish atm.


Nice, but how big is that thing? From the first picture it seems to be a 2-3 men transport ship, and the interior looks more like a massive battleship. Anyway, the container must be REALLY big!

Well, to start. I truly, truly apologize, to all of Blenderdom, for that “Max guy” being in the render. But at the time it was the only thing I could use for size comparison. Please, forgive me… And thanx. And, the colors are mostly green.

Thanx, and size comparison image is just below. I don’t have the exact number with me at the moment, ;).


Since I’m already on this, and the N.A.F. 31 stuff, as well as several other small projects both for myself, as well as for other folks. I’ve decided to incorporate all of the elements from my other game project, one I was going to call, Colony Wars 2211, with this one. Partly because everything is all over the place, and because, now that I think about it, I don’t want to use the name Colony Wars in my stuff. It’s been taken. So, I’ve decided to call it all “Preemptive Strike”, ;). Both because, this thing doesn’t have a working title, and again, “I don’t want to use the name Colony Wars in my stuff. It’s been taken.”.

In any case, I’ve been working on some terrains as well as planets, moon, space-scapes, etc.

The first images are of the Colony Defense’s home planet, “Cevis”. Infact I’ve Already posted Cevis (the exterior vie) as a finished project, but I thought I’d go back and touch it up a little.

Tell me what you think, ;)?

BTW, the small moon is called “Krell”.