The Exodus 2nd Teaser release!

Hi everybody!

After almost 2 weeks, we decided to show some new stuff here :smiley:

So here are the second official release of pic for the exodus!!

First here’s a test render of two Yuhm tank:
At the right, an artilery tank and at the left a big missile tank :wink:

Now a pic that come from Gr8Hamster:
Some fighter flying in a tight formation in a nebula

This is a Yuhm soldier, modelled by Saint_Pill and Textured by WP (slide3). A big thanks for WP(slid3) from the MythologyX crew! :smiley:

Now some test animation for all of you :smiley:

Here’s two 360 degrees anim coming from Alltaken showing the two Yuhm tank!! (all anims encoded with divx)

The artilery tank, gun made by me and the body have been made by Alltaken.

The missile tank, everything made by Alltaken.

Now an anim coming from theeth showing a Mech in action!
–>The mech in action, normal resolution<–

–>The mech in action, Big resolution<–
The mech have been made by Dittohead, Textured by me and rigged/animated by Theeth. That’s what I called team work :Z

And after all those week, we finally get a NEW site up!!! :smiley: check it at

Be sure to give us your suggestions!
PS: You can follow the link to our forum in the menu of the site and then register and in The Exodus forum you can give us your suggestion or comment!!

Thanks to everyone! :smiley:

very good job

Yes, very good work!
Show me the Mhane!

Keep it up I cant wait to see more

mmmmm…nice mech…




Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


yeah thanks dittohead i’m really proud of the mech

which was 99.9999999999999999999999999999999998% not mine

(well ok it wasn’t anybit mine)

he he he he he

you have really out done yourself on that one!!!

a bit of crit for the tank

the tank is crap its all wrong. !!!
where are the tank tracks (who’s heard of a hover tank???)
the custom tank textures are terible

even worse the tank was made by ALLTAKEN it can’t be good.

he he he

don’t you just love posts about stuff (from the artist of it)

personally i like the tank!!! (but i am biased)

%| %| %| %| %|

Oooh this is cool, it’s good to see the project moving along even with so many people working on it.
The hover tank is nice, but I think it should have some moving part, like a fanned air intake or something. That cannon looks very much like a turret I was working on awhile (a year or so) ago, guess we all know what guns should look like in the future :wink:
And not to forget the mech, great work on that!

  1. pofo

dittohead: LOL

Alltaken: LOL

Pofo: thanks man! :Z

Nice. This project is coming along well.

I especially like the texturing of that guy. Very professional looking.

tx hannibar! Texture come from the talented WP!!! :smiley:

PS: We change the website url to:

We have some problem with the screnshot section but everything work fine! :smiley:

Be sure to give us your comment on it :smiley:

You guys are doing a great job on this. Great stuff. The mech is awesome and the missle tank I just love.

Can’t wait to see some more on this.


:o PLEASE dont stop! finish this! It rocks. Although the mech could use a little vertical upper body movement to give it a sense of weight.

thanks for the comments on the mech, it’s a great model so it was really fun to rig and animated. I used the NLA, so it should be easy to integrate it in the action packed sequence we are planning.

awesome job from WP. :Z


nice character !!

man if i could only actually do something, i would love to help…

awsome job to all!


hey X WARRIOR you cut me deep man!the yuhm soldier looks like a normal human!i don’t see any difference in his eyes compared to us(according to what you said to me!!!).or you could not make me understand!

lol ok here is my explaination:

-The eyes of this soldier are not closed. This is why you see no difference.

uhmmwell I’ll continu this is private message :wink:

yo guys im sorry about the massive absence of me iv had some majpor probs with my comp. i cant even connect anymore as mutch as id like to join in its just not practical at the moment im using a collage comp.

even so you lot are far too good for me :smiley: %|

well that said i missed one major point id still love to help, i might be getting my connection back on track soon so i think i will do something for the project in case. if there is anything u still want doing id do it for u…