The Exodus Audition have started!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ecks) #1

Yep you hear it right! The Exodus audition have now started!!!
(for this occasion here a preview poster):

Here’s an explanation:
Even if we are a lot in the team we don’t all have a good english accent…so we ask you, all blenderhead that speak english correctly to help us with the voice!

For now here what we ask for:

-The Main character voice
-2 soldiers voices

-First you must record your voice using the sentence that are at the bottom of the post. (plz record with good quality)
-Plz don’t send record for 2 characters
-Speak clearly but with emotion in your sentece so we’ll see who is the best one.
-Upload your record on your webspace in .mp3 or .wav or if you don’t have any webspace send it to [email protected], immediatly when I got a good one that I like, I’ll post the winner here :wink:

The sentence:
-Main character:
“I thought… I was the only one!!!” (like with an interrogation intonation

-1st soldier:
"Go! Go! Go! We must find him!

-2nd soldier
“Good job commander!”

Let’s record your voice, and good luck to everyone! 8)

PS: Dont forget to visit our website at: (don’t worry, we’ll have a new site soon :wink: )

(Grizzly69) #2

When you say don’t send record for 2 characters do you mean you want a separate file for part each or we should only try for one character?

(ben999995) #3

is this movie actually going to be in cinimas? also how long till the chance to enter our voices is over? Also the light textures on the ship don’t look to good altough its still very good

(Ecks) #4

ok tx for the replies.

ok You have until (big maximum) 31 of december but faster would be appreciated.

Well, yea if you want you can try to make voice for 2 different character…but try to keep a “normal” voice…

ben999995: Well, I don’t think it will go in cinemas…it’s just an amateur 3d movie. For the light, well yea you’re right, I think I’ll replace them by a more metal texture. Thank you!

So now, you can start recording :wink:

(WeirdHat) #5

Are the two lines at the bottom of the poster, in quotes, part of the same sentence? If so, there should be no ending quote on the first line, and no starting quote on the second.

“Blender” should probably be capitalized. Or you could take out “A blender movie project” altogether, (IMHO) it kind of makes it look like you don’t care whether it’s a good movie as long as it gives Blender publicity.

The picture is pretty cool though. Except for the motion blur on the little ship at the bottom, but I guess that’s Blender’s fault.

(RipSting) #6

As long as it’s non-commercial, I’d employ TTS because I’m cheap:)

This is Text To Speech with only minor editing to remove some pauses:

From this website:

Not much in the way of emotion, but some of them sound really natural!

I’d also add some slight blurring to the planet with the Zblur plugin to add some depth.

(Ecks) #7

Well tx RipSting…

I know that prog…but they have NO expression at all!!! lol

That don’t make a good soldier you know he he
tx anyway 8)

(RipSting) #8

Soldiers aren’t supposed to express emotion

(IMProvisar) #9

Not even blood lust? Darn… my auditions are gonna be canned for sure. hehe


(Ecks) #10

well…they are not suppose to have an europeen english accent either :wink:

Well, I want real person cause the sound you sent where full of “error” like pause between each word etc…

So no person here that speak english have enough time to record a sentence for us? :frowning:

(Piraniac) #11

Hi X,

just a suggestion but how about giving them a bit more to say. i just think one line isn’t really enough to judge by.

just a thought


(Grizzly69) #12

Hold on. I plan to send an audition in, but time has slipped by too quickly. Been working alot of Overtime to make sure I get 2 weeks off from my job for the holidays. I will have the time to get it done this weekend. Is that okay?

(Ecks) #13

Saint_pill: well, I just want to see if they have a good voice for the character so I don’t have to make a long story :wink:

Grizzly69: Good to hear that! :smiley: This weekend is perfect! If you are choose, I’ll tell you more in detail your job :wink:

(Grizzly69) #14

Okay, I sent a couple mp3 auditions to the email you provided above, let me know if you got them and if they were audible.

(valarking) #15

Sorry if I sound cynical but let me get this strait, you want us to try out for a CHANCE at being in something where we work hard on it and get NO money, or anything else? Could it get any better?

(IMProvisar) #16

Yes Valarking, that does seem cynical. Guess you never auditioned for school plays, sports teams, ran for student office, etc. for the same reason, hehe.


(Piraniac) #17

we work hard on it and get NO money, or anything else?

yes, we are working very hard, and no we aren’t getting paid, but that doesn’t mean we should compromise quality. We have pride in what we’re doing and if we want the best voice actors in the community then why should we settle for anything less?

And if you want to have a go then great, give it a shot, there ain’t no harm in trying…


(Ecks) #18

valarking: So all you do in life is for money? You don’t have hobbies?..shame on you

Grizzly69: The soldier is PERFECT but the hero voice is not good…but anyway I’ll continu this discussion by email…welcome aboard!!!

(valarking) #19

Oooooo, flamewar!
Duffman LIKE!

(Grizzly69) #20

I figured I didn’t have the voice of a hero, but thanks for the compliment on the soldier.