The Exodus need help on: Combat mech, tank and character

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Go see my last post for the modelling help information
Ok I ran in some problem for my movie called the Exodus…
I NEED Texture!!! and help on the model! I would like to release a first part at the end of november but with all the work I have for school I will never finish it in time…I would like to have someone that will help me doing model and maiby texture…(I have about 35 textures on my hard drive that canhelp me for now). So if youd like to participate in a movie creation just post a reply! Thanks you alot!

Here is the general story of the movie:

It’s about a specy called “The Yuhm” that must exode their planet because its no longer habitable (polution/nuclear war/chimical war etc…) After a very very long journey they finally find a planet but they have to fight again a specy called “The Mhane” to have it…but something more dangerous is coming…something as old as the galaxy…something that do not know fear…

I hope someone out there will help me! :-?

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Well, I’m also overclocked right now, but I guess I could lend you a hand… (but just only one, because I need my other hand… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

So what’s the deal???


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First thanks you for helping me with “one” hand! :wink:

second, Do you have msn? Mirc?

third, if you don’t have one of those program tell me and I will send you by email all my texture in a zip file. I will put them into two directory. The first will be “The yuhm” and the second for “the Mahn”. if you make ship for the Yuhm, they must look like industrial ship and not very high tech, if you make ship for the Yuhm you must make some very hig tech and aerodynamic ship.

So reply as fast as possible! Thank you! :smiley:

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Unfortunately I don’t use any of these two… :-?

So I guess you will have to send what you’ve got by e-mail…

You’ll find my address bellow… :wink:

BTW, in your reply, you have accidentally mistyped something, so I am not sure who I’m going to built low tech and who high tech ships, for…

Just clarify this one more time, so we don’t get confused…

I have also been working with something, that I was planning to use for my web site, but I think we can use it for the movie also. I’ll send you a sample to understand…

I’m glad for the beginning of our partnership, so I’m considering to offer you both my hands, but please be a little patient with me…


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don’t worry! Finally, if the “trailer” is release before January I will be happy!
Check your mail box in a few minute! :slight_smile:

amnd thanks you for your both hand!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(I will clarify what will happen in the trailer in the message I will send to you!)

ok for the ship:

The Yuhm=Low tech, industrial look
The Mhane=High Tech look, very aerodynamic!

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Just a question: Are you good at making good logo or thing like that?
First we have to decided the name of our group…You already have Hekate-Graphic and me I use X-Design sometime on my work…so we could make something like: Hekate-X Design or X-Graphic or X-Hekate Graphic…or Exodus corp…or any other idea you have! :smiley:

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The Exodus first episode will contain space battle and ground battle.
Me and Skontar will work on the space ship for now. We could need some help on modelling Soldier for the battlefield. I can make mech and tank but it would be fun to have more person working with us on the project so please if somebdy out there have the time to help us a bit with the charactere plz post a reply! Thanks alot! :smiley:

Hey Skontar, is you computer powerfull? How many ram and megahertz?
Me I have 256mg of ram and a 1000mgz. my 3d card suck…So if there is too much poly in a scene it laaaaagg alot and it very difficult to model. During the holiday of december I will buy my computer (I use the one of my parent now, I am 15 year old). It will be a 2400mgz with maibe 512mg of ram with a geforce 4 ti 4400. it will help me alot! :smiley:

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O.k. firts things first…

You are right!!! We need a logo for our group. But combining our logos??? I don’t know… Let me see… I borrowed Hekate from Greek Mythology… I don’t know if you’d like to use “Mythology” for our group name… Anyway if you find it stupid, I’ll come up with something better…

I have a dual boot WindowsXP/SuSE8.0 linux machine with 256 RAM and 1.5GHz and two hard disks one with 40GB and an old one 6.4GB. My card is an ATI RAGE FURRY vivo 32 MB (not a really bad choice, but certainly not the best either…). So our configuration doesn’t differ too much…

After several experiments I have come to the conclusion that although I got into some trouble to make it stable, Blender renders at least 4 times faster the same scene from Linux, than from WindowsXP!!! Don’t know if this is a matter of superiority between the os’s in the specific area, or there is something wrong in my specific configuration (please people don’t start me with debates on this…).

Well, if this is a fact, that linux renders faster after all, it could be a nice idea to turn to, but I must clarify, that I wouldn’t recommend Linux to you, if you are not prepared for HARD WORK!!! Some times, Linux can be a real pain in the you know where when it gets stubborn!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok I have it!


linux…no way even if it better I don’t want to get in thing like that…window is simple so I use it :-?

For the logo, I will try to make one and I will show it here.

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O.k. agreed!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Now you’ll have to forgive me because my feet have to hit the road… I am on duty at the hospital I work in about… 15 minutes (sh*t, I’m gonna be late again…

I’ll contact you tommorow…


(gr8hamster) #11

A’ight I’ll hop on board if ya still need someone.

But do you mind if my helper monkey works on it? I’m too lazy to lift me hands… LoL

I have MSNMessenger, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ. So just get a hold of me through there… or e-mail anyway is fine.

(digitalSlav) #12

just a quicky for you busy folks! best of luck on the project!

hopefully the birth of something great!

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Hey thanks alot tmtechie! That is a greaT banner! We will probably use it one our website! Thanks alot!

gr8hamster: I just added you on my msn list, go check it! :smiley: We will talk about your job… :wink:

(digitalSlav) #14

tried to make and animated one but the rotations were going all over the place… don’t know if this is some kinda 2.25 bug or what. might try again in a couple days when i get some more time.

/… for clarification the logo was made in blender and electric effect added in photoshop 7 - with testing in blender it is possible to use the marble effect and come up with something similar as tested today.

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Well, you posted on my thread, so I’ll post on yours. :slight_smile:
Actually, it sounds very interesting, and I’ve been looking for something to direct my blending. So far its been mainly technology tests and unfinished projects for me.

So sign me up!
I do modeling mostly, I think I’m a bit better at organic than mech, but I would be happy to make some ships if you want. I’m familiar with texturing and animation, although I am still inexperienced in those areas.
I have AIM, ICQ and IRC, plus e-mail for communitcating. Make sure to use BetaParticle (note the “e”)when searching ICQ for my nick, since that is what its supposed to be anyway.

I hope I can do something useful!


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tmtechie you are magnifficent!!!

Thanks for the banner, I hope we’ll have more of your help in the future!!!

BetaParticle and gr8hamster, welcome aboard!!! MythologyX welcomes you!!! We sure need a lot of help here!!! I guess X-WARRIOR will contact you soon (if he hasn’t allready… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

bye and thank you all…


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PLZ PLZ PLZPLZ let me do the mechs for the ground battle come on u know you want to let me!!! im in the mood for high powered explosions


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WOW!!! two new member in one day!! Cool!!! :smiley:
Blastzone, yea you can do mech…We need as much person as possible…more member=less time to make the movie! :smiley:

ok for the new member: We use msn to speak together.

We can also use irc because andy and betaparticle don’t have msn.

Blastzone do you have msn?

([email protected]) #19

yup sure do. my email address is on my profile you can add me with that…

(phrog) #20

This sounds interesting…Got any sketches or ideas?

Mabye I’ll help. I only use IRC, by the way.