The Exodus need help on: Combat mech, tank and character

(Ecks) #21

Hi phrog!

It would be very cool if you help us! Check you message box, I will send you something. :smiley:

(d52477001) #22


I am just about to finish my exams (next week) and then i will have a 2 month holiday so i can help.

I have msn icq and yahoo messenger…


(Ecks) #23

WOW! :o another member in MythologyX!!!:smiley:

ok I will add you to my msn list now…(is your email the one in your profile?)

and thanks you for helping us! :smiley:

(d52477001) #24

No, my msn email adress is [email protected] (msn can’t accept yahoo adresses)

btw is there a website for this?


(Ecks) #25

ok your now in my list…for the website…check your private message box! :wink:

(d52477001) #26

ok great… thanks!

(d52477001) #27

hmm the forum on the site is not working… :frowning:

so, what can i do?

(Ecks) #28

its normal that it dont work…we are trying to find a good site to put our forum on…for now our only way to talk is msn or irc…so try to conenct on msn often!

(d52477001) #29

what time do you guys live in? Then I know approximately at what time to go on. I live in GMT.


(Ecks) #30

ok I think i’m at east canada time…it’s about 6 hour under london time.

(DrLecter) #31

Got a webpage up yet? id offer a hand with some of teh models im not brilliant as i havent used blender in a whiel but i get good ideas.

(Ecks) #32

ok tx you.

We are currently making a website. If you have any pic of some model, and even the .blend file that you want to send then send it to: [email protected]

Here are some restiction: There are two main race in the story…ohh well I will continu this in a private message :wink:

(The Produce) #33

X-WARRIOR, thanks for your response on my post!

I would help with some of the textures and modelling, but my computer is in need of a upgrade, and I haven’t fully decieded on what to buy. . .

But, for now I could help with the audio/video file format situation.

I could tell you how to make three types of final product video formats,
using all freeware programs.

  1. DVD, with Dolby Digital
  2. VideoCD, with Dolby PL2
  3. Internet use, WMV with 7.1 multichannel sound :o . (The encoder would have to have WinXP)

I would encode these files myself, but, It would be difficult for me to exchange audio files down my “blazing fast” 56K.
(Here’s a tip, render your movies in parts, and when the finial product is done, merge them together. . . thats how I was able to create my movie. It’s a lot easier, and then maybe I’ll be able to help with the A/V.)

The Producer

(Ecks) #34

Wow cool thank you!

I don’t think we will put our movie on dvd…but well we never know :o

Ok for you “slow” modem…I was already thinking to render in part cause it wil eb more fast this way…

Thnak you for your help!:slight_smile:

(The Produce) #35

Your right, DVD might not be practical for this project (the person who has the finial video would have to buy a $300 DVD-R/RW Drive).
But VideoCD or SuperVideoCD would be perfect for archival/presentation purposes. WMV9 would allow for the best internet streaming/download video and audio quality.

What’s the time frame for this project? How long do you think it’ll be?

Also, will you be making custom music tracks (I can help with that)?
Will there be spoken audio? (If not, take a look at my Dynamic Subtitles I used in my movie. . .

Dang, can’t upload images. . .)

If I could upload images, I could show you examples from my movie. . .

The Producer

(Ecks) #36

ok first the movie will be…this should be a secret but anyway…about an hour long so…even if we encode it in divx ot will be very big.

Yes, I we are planning to add voice in it. but now we have some difficulty with lypsinch. If we change our idea about he voice your subtitle could be usefull.

For the background music, blastzone have a band and a record studio so he can make song for us. Skontar and he also have buzz (its a music program) so they can make sound. A friend of skontar is suppose to mak e laser noise, and some other thing but we never know so if you can, you can make some! :slight_smile:

Thnak you for helping us.

(The Produce) #37

I have a pretty decent collection of SFX. (about 150 sound clips, collected from around the internet)

Let me know when you have a sample audio/video clip, and maybe you can send it to me for a processing preview. I’m currently cleaning off my HD after the completion of my last movie, so my editing, animation programs are still at hand.

Let me know if you want to see some sample screenshots of what I did-i’ll email them to you or something, I might be able to send a video. (If you do, look at the spaceships, I could model some for you)

NOTE: From 6AM to 3PM, i’ll be at school, so I can’t respond to any posts.
(I take a Networking class, so i’ll be able to read, but, not post, thats if I don’t want to get caught!)

The Producer

(Cativo) #38

You still need help modeling? I could help…

(Ecks) #39

Yea maybe you can send me some pic of what you did the produce.

Hey cativo it would be cool if you help us. When I return to my home i’ll send you a private message…bye!

(The Produce) #40

check your mailbox soon!

The Producer

Hold on, my e-mail program is showing errors. . .
Is that address under your profile page not your e-mail address?