The Exodus Poster!

(Ecks) #1

Has some of you know I am working on a ~short~ full anim. It will be the sotry of a specy that must exode because their planet is no longer habitable (polution, war etc…). During their journey they will encounter some alien races. Some peacefull but some very dangerous. They will finaly find a planet but another specy want it…a very dangerous one…One that everybody is afraid of…Will they succeed or will they all die? All those question will be answer when I will finish the animation! I just finish to texture the ‘‘colonisation ship’’. I just want to know what you think of it or if you have idea on how to improve it it will be very cool to share your idea with me! :slight_smile:

Thank you! (tell me if you want another angle of view :wink: )

(SGT Squeaks) #2

hey it looks great!!! I really like this. I don’t have any crit but another camera angle would be nice just so I can see more of it. :smiley:

(NateTG) #3

NICE SHIP! I wish I could do that. I have never been able to get the detail for a cool looking ship… that and I don’t have the patience.

Great work. Did you make the textures (on the ship)?

…what are the pin things sticking out of the front? ramming equipment?

do you have a website for this animation.

(sten) #4

Nice done X !

but there are few issues…the planet or atmosphere look a bit
edgy, not smooth enough, and 2nd, the atmosphere shouldn’t be
visible on the backside of NOT-lit side of the planet…but in whole of the
concept I like it very much…nice shadows concerning the clouds !!

tweak the smoothing and check the light on the backside…

(Jolly Gnome) #5

Grrrreat lookin’ picture!
One thing though, the cloudcover is way too high from the ground

(Jamesk) #6

That’s a really nice looking ship. Been emit-mapping a bit, eh? :smiley:

(haunt_house) #7

the planet is really great.


(Ecks) #8

Yeah I know about the cloud on the dark side but I wanted to show the pic so I didn’t try to fix that :-? …

For the thing at the front they are communication antennas…I always put some at the front of all the ship I make! :wink:

Yes, I emit some of the texture jus to be sure we see al the ship! :wink:

I don’t make my own texture :frowning: those are from the game freespace2.

I will post another angle of view today…if I have time!

Thanks for all those comment I really like to have comment like this :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ecks) #9

Here are the promised pic!
here are two other pic!

Tell me what you think of it! (I want comment even if it is negative…so I can improved my ship! :wink: )

do you have a website for this animation.

uhmmm…This is the first model for the anim…I have to make an Ennemy mothership…and then like 4 different fighter (there will be like 70 fighter in all the video) and 2 different bomber(I will put like 10 bomber bombing the ennemy ms)…and then animated all those ships! First I will make an ‘‘intro’’ video that will be the ‘‘end’’ of the story. After that I will make episode from the beginning to the end! I think this is a great concept! What do you think?

(Dittohead) #10

That is awesome!!!

(humphrey) #11

Looks GREAT!

I wanna see the end result!!!

As for the ship. Towards the front, the textures look a bit repeated and plain. You might wanna just add a different panel or something up the front… I’m not sure what though…


(BgDM) #12

Looking great. I’m not sure about the texture you have for the windows. Looks completely off from the grey of the rest of the ship.

I have to agree there. Change it up a bit. It will look much better.


(S68) #13

Really nice,

keep it up!


(Ecks) #14

Wow tx! some more comment I though this thread was dead!

I’m not sure about the texture you have for the windows

For which window are you talking about?

For the texture…I will try too add some…but I don’t make my own texture and I don’t have a lot of similar texture…so I think my other texture will not fit…but we will see…I will try to post an update tomorrow! Thank you alot guy! (uhmm…I wanted to begin my anim this weekend…but with all my homeworld for school and because of you guy I will have to report that to the next weekend! :wink: )

(Ecks) #15

OK here is a small updated…some new texture added!

here are two other pic of it:

As you see, I change the main “window” of the ship…Tell me what you think of the new textures!