The Exodus wesbite is online...and it have a FORUM!!!

(Ecks) #1

Hi all,

Some week ago, here on elysiun, me and some other started a movie project called The Exodus. After some week of modelling we have several ship finished. The story is finish, but we let place for amelioration :wink: , so if you hvae any idea or suggestion you can go on our forum and tell us!!!

Some of the pic in the screenshot section are still in wip stage…

Don’t forget to go register to our forum and tell us what you think of our project there!!! :smiley:

I hope you all like our site!

(lerpiedood) #2

looks cool:)!

(Ecks) #3

Thank you!..but we are now working on a new site design…maybe in flash! :wink:

(stephen2002) #4

nice…but remove the little popup that says “welcome”. NOBODY (well, most people) is going to change their screen resolution to view a web site

(dreamsgate) #5

very nice!

(digitalSlav) #6

i really love the link to your site in the content page - you can just keep loading mirror after mirror of your site into itself… ok enough playing… back to work :slight_smile:

(Ecks) #7

lol…I know that…I’ll fix it soon…or maybe you guy want me to let it there so you can play with it? :wink:

(ScottishPig) #8


(Ecks) #9

well…just because the site is FINISH!!!

(Pablosbrain) #10

as others have stated… remove the alert at the beginning with the suggested resolution for browsing… Its annoying! It would be more appropriate to put that somewhere on your page… most likely as small disclaimer text at the bottom somewhere… Those that actually have a problem probably still wont change their resolution… just may leave your site a bit earlier.

as for your stuff… you seem to have a heck of a lot of modelers and … well… one animator. They are two very different skill sets… good luck. I too am doing a project. is the url. We are modelling and texturing currently… we’ll get to animating by the end of the year. Good luck with yours!

(Ecks) #11

ok it say I am the only animator…but well we are more…like maybe 4 or 5. But I’m the “official” one.

As for the style, yea we have many…but there is more than oine specy in the movie so we separated the modeller…so it look good :wink:

Good luck on your project :smiley:

(valarking) #12

I speak Engrish too!

(Dittohead) #13

hrm looks familier :-? :-? :-?