The #exquisite3D experiment

Hello Blenderheads!!
I have a new idea, maybe some of you would like to participate ! Should take less than an hour or 2 for a good user

what is it ?
It’s a kind of Exquisite Corpse (wikipedia ref) project in Blender, We will try to create different funny characters made of 3 parts :

  • Head,
  • Upper Body (including arms)
  • Lower Body (including legs)

How can I participate ?
You choose one of the 3 body part and download the file, spend a maximum of 2 hours on that part and send it back here , or by email to [email protected], or poke me on twitter @oenvoyage
official twitter tag is #exquisite3D. I will then create random corpses (assemblies) and post them

Where are the files ?




Any rules ?
Try to take in account the RED joint provided in the file, it allows for nicer connections with the other parts when doing the final assembly of all 3 parts….
Other than that, there is absolutely NO RULE!
Model what you like, use your imagination, make animals, make robots, make impossible shapes, but most important: Have fun !