The Extinct Time - OpenMovie

Hi Blenderartists,
this is my first post here. I hope you can understand what i write. (I am German)

I like to introduce you to my project. It was found in October 2007, and at the moment we are 12 people who work at the project.

What is the project about?
It is a film about freedom and war. :smiley:

We have the year 2012, and the World War 3. America and the European Union fight. There are million of dead people and there is no end…
Europe must fight to survive…WE must survive…

We plan to produce a 10-12 minute short movie. (I know thats a lot :))

It’s a non-commercial project. We search people for Rigging, Texturing and Modeling.
And anybody else.

You can visit our homepage:

You can translate it with Google if you don’t undertstand it.:slight_smile:

please please PLEASE say you have a screenplay hidden away that you won’t reveal because you’re afraid someone will steal your idea.

Otherwise, you really have nothing to show. (Ok, so you dropped a bomb on Washington DC and Crawford, Texas – but you missed Crawford…)

At present, you’ve got a bit of a background for a post-apocolyptic video game intro movie. It is way too early for you to be calling for modelers, riggers and texture artists. Way too early.

yes i have a hidden screenplay. :cool: ( The story first was designed as a novel)

We don’t have much too show.

Only a few pictures in the Data Section and a small teaser:

We have good people for modeling but not for rigging and texturing. Thats our problem.

Such a big project can’t be realized without good people in all categories.

Nobody who are interested in? :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,
now we have an english page: The extinct time.

And in the forum, we have an english speaking section.

Visit our page and join our team. We need you help, your creativity.:slight_smile: